15 Top WordPress Plugins for Blogs and Business Websites In 2021

Looking for the best WordPress plugins for blogs or a business website? Our experts have handpicked some of the top WordPress plugins for blogs and business websites for you.

2021 is here and today it is impossible to imagine any type of business with no online presence. No matter how small or huge the business is it is a must to have a website.

Today, any type of website can be created for free or for a price. A website can be of any type a blog, a business site, a membership site, anything. For any website to do well, maintenance is the key.

Your website has many moving parts and pages and keeping them aligned is no easy job. This is why your website needs plugins to help you simplify website management.

To use plugins, you should also know which are the top WordPress plugins for blogs? Let us start with understanding the basics.

So, let us begin, shall we?

Why You Need Plugins for Your WordPress Website?

top WordPress plugins

Plugins help enhance a website’s performance and are an addition to its missing features. Your website cannot function smoothly if you do not install the required plugins. Well, it can function without plugins but let us say that won’t be your site’s best performance.

Your WordPress website requires the best WordPress plugins for better speed, security, and user-friendliness.

You can start a WordPress blog write and publish posts but to receive the right type of engagement, you need to install certain plugins.

A website can only help you establish an online presence but the right plugins will help your online presence flourish.

What are the Important Types of WordPress Plugins for Blogs and Business Websites?

best wordpress plugins

There are different types of WordPress plugins that are essential for your blog or any business website. Plugins add to the missing elements of your WordPress website.

You need the following type of WordPress plugins for your website:

  1. SEO Plugin – The best SEO plugin for WordPress is highly important for any website to rank better in the search engines.
  2. Site Performance Plugins – For a site to perform well and be secure you must install Anti-spam, security, cache, Google analytics, crawler, and speed optimization plugins.
  3. Push-Notification Plugin, Email opt-in plugin, and the best contact form plugin.
  4. Promotional Plugins – For promotion purposes, your website needs the best social media plugin for WordPress sites.
  5. WooCommerce Plugins – Your site needs a WooCommerce integration plugin for starting an online store.

This is just a basic example for you to understand what kind of plugins exist. With more than 58,000 WordPress plugins, choosing the best WordPress plugins can be a lot of work. Some of these are free WordPress plugins as well as premium WordPress plugins.

We understand that your website deserves the best therefore we have listed 12+ top WordPress plugins as ideal and must-haves for your website.

The Top WordPress Plugins for Blogs and Websites in 2021

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin

Try Yoast SEO!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is an organic search engine technique to increase your website traffic. SEO consists of various difficult strategy implementations that cannot be done without using an SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. As one of the most popular WordPress plugins, Yoast SEO is also very user-friendly. It helps you create search-friendly content as well.

The Yoast SEO plugin will help you set meta description, focus keywords, canonical URL, and more. It also has a readability analysis feature that can help you improve and ease the readability of your content.

Some of its other features include – Title and meta description templates, Language support, Advanced XML sitemaps, Schema mark-up, Breadcrumbs control.

Yoast SEO is the best SEO plugin and also the best free SEO plugin for WordPress simultaneously. It is also one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins


WordPress for blogs and best wordpress optimization plugins

Try Autoptimize!

The biggest mood killer for your website audience is a site that has a very slow loading rate. Even the most common and simple websites run the risk of running at a slow speed.

To solve this issue, you need to look for the best WordPress optimization plugins. One of these best WordPress optimization plugins is Autoptimize. This plugin will help your site in minifying the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files.

To minify is to remove those unnecessary files that bug the website and result in slow speed. These features make Autoptimize the best WordPress plugin for speed optimization.


Anti-spam WordPress plugins for blogs

Try Akismet!

One more from the top free WordPress plugins is the Akismet anti-spam plugin. Spammers can attack your site and rob the website of its integrity.

To keep the spammers as far as possible from your site install the Akismet anti-spam plugin. Akismet will make sure to go through every comment on your website and let you pick the spam one out.

This helps you to clear the spammy comments and unwanted links that follow those comments. Akismet is also one of the most popular WordPress plugins.

Blog Designer

Blog Designer

Try Blog Designer!

Blog Designer is the ultimate free plugin to customize the blog page design. This plugin contains astonishing 10 blog page templates. With these stunning templates, bloggers can set up the blog design as per website needs and give a WOW factor to the blogging site.

The plugin has a user-friendly admin level with that a user can easily modify various settings very quickly. This plugin gives page selection options with that a user can add the blog post to any website page. The plugin comes with the pro version with the list of the advanced features to make customize the blog page as well as single-page, author page, related posts, and so on.

WP Rocket

best wp cache plugin

Try WP Rocket!

Your WordPress site will store every bit of memory that is possible. It is stored in the form of cache files and this can crash your web server. To avoid this, you need to install the best cache plugin.

The best cache plugin for WordPress is the WP Rocket plugin. WP Rocket can be termed as the best cache plugin owing to its simple and effective impact.

As one of the best cache plugins for WordPress, it also works well with shared hosting sites. WP Rocket can be easily configured and works great in eliminating the cache files.

Google XML Sitemaps

seo WordPress plugins for blogs

Try Google XML Sitemaps!

Yet another best free SEO plugin for WordPress is the Google XML Sitemaps. This plugin helps the search engine crawlers to index your site with a unique XML Sitemap.

Creating the XML sitemap is automated and once you install and activate the plugin it will create one automatically. Google XML Sitemap is the best SEO plugin.

Its accurate XML sitemap helps any search engine to easily view, crawl and index your site and improve the chances of its ranking.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugins

Try Broken Link Checker!

When talking about the best WordPress plugins for blogs or other sites one cannot miss the Broken Link Checker. Any type of website can suffer if it is filled with broken links. The Broken Link Checker plugin carefully scans your blog for any broken links. If any, it fixes those broken links in just a click.

This makes sure that the search engines don’t lose track of your blog and crawl towards a dead end. The Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress plugin and a must-have for your blog.


ProfileGrid WordPress plugins for blogs

Try ProfileGrid!

When your site starts growing popular you can welcome your readers to be your permanent subscribers. To manage their user profiles easily and systematically ProfileGrid is the best choice.

ProfileGrid is the best membership plugin for WordPress and a must-have for your site (especially a membership website). It is loaded with multiple features that give you the freedom to manage all user data in one place.

ProfileGrid is the best WordPress community plugin that is a membership/subscription, user profile, and directory plugin. Its core features are to help you create user profiles and different user groups and user types.

Social Snap

social share WordPress plugins for blogs

Try Social Snap!

What good will be your blog or business products if its suitable audience doesn’t know about it? For this, your WordPress website requires a social media sharing plugin.

The best social medial plugin for WordPress is Social Snap. It is also the best free social media plugin for WordPress. Social Snap helps you in placing the social share buttons on your website.

When readers see these buttons, they can share your article within their social circle. This increases your site’s ranking factor as your website or articles happen to show up at the right places.

Social Snap is the best social share plugin for WordPress, give it a try now. It is also compatible with all the best WordPress blogging themes of 2021.


best form plugin

Try RegistrationMagic!

When your blog articles reach the right audience, they may have queries about your services. For this you need the best contact form plugin.

The RegistrationMagic is a user registration form plugin, it the best form plugin for a WordPress website. Not only contact forms but you can create any type of form that will help your users to either reach out or register with you.

It is not only the best form plugin but also the most unique form builder with over 56 field types to choose from. With RegistrationMagic even the simplest thing as creating a form can be turned into something creative.


Image compressor WordPress plugins for blogs

Try Smush!

Smush is the best WordPress plugin for image compression. When you start blogging or create any type of website uploading images is obvious. Adding images can take up tons of space in the backend.

For this, your blog images should be compressed so that they don’t take up all the space. To compress your images, use the Smush plugin. Smush is the best image optimization and best WordPress plugin for image compression.

It not only helps in compressing images but also maintains the quality of the images. One of the recommended WordPress plugins, Smush is the best image compressor plugin.

Popup Maker

best free popup plugin wordpress

Try Popup Maker!

Popup Maker is the best popup plugin for WordPress. Popups help in attracting your reader’s attention towards something specific. By adding popups to your blog, you make sure that your reader stays exactly where you wish them to be.

It is the best free popup plugin for WordPress is easy to use and very flexible. The popups created by using the Popup Maker are also highly responsive. You can choose from various opt-in form popups, banner bars, slide-out pop-ups, and more.


best translation plugin wordpress

Try TranslatePress!

TranslatePress is the best translation plugin for WordPress and also the best WordPress multilingual plugin. It allows you to make translation changes directly from the front-end

Some of your users may not be familiar with your language of content and may need a translation feature. This translation plugin not only changes the translation for one page but it can translate themes, plugins, and meta-data as well.


woocommerce wordpress plugin

Try WooCommerce!

You can start an online store and also maintain a blog for your respected products. For an online store, WooCommerce is always the best choice. It is one of the top WP plugins.

The WooCommerce plugin provides you the ideal e-commerce platform. It has dozens of features, extensions, and customizing options. The WooCommerce WordPress plugin is so far the best WordPress plugin for an e-commerce website.

WP Live Chat Support

best free live chat plugin for wordpress

Try WP Live Chat Support!

WP Live Chat Support is the best free live chat plugin for WordPress. The live chat feature is most suitable for business websites and the WP Live Chat Support plugin can be used for membership websites.

This plugin is also compatible with translation and multilingual plugins and it can help your users with any query. Moreover, it also provides anonymity to the users.

Though it is the best free live chat plugin for WordPress you can upgrade it with premium features.


  1. What WordPress plugins do I need?

Some of the must-have plugins for WordPress are Yoast SEO, Akismet, WooCommerce, WP Rocket, ProfileGrid, EventPrime, RegistrationMagic, etc. These are some of the best and most downloaded WordPress plugins for blogs that you need.

  1. Which WordPress plugins are best?

Some of the best WordPress plugins for blogs and business websites are Yoast SEO, Google XML Sitemaps, Autoptimize, Akismet, WP Rocket, Smush, Social Snap, ProfileGrid, EventPrime, RegistrationMagic.

  1. How WordPress plugins work?

WordPress plugins act as the additional and much-needed touch to your website. Plugins allow you to use additional features that WordPress does not provide on its own. WordPress plugins use WordPress custom fields, content types which allows you to store several types of content.

  1. How to install WordPress plugins?

On your WP Dashboard select Plugins > on this page you can search the plugin > Now click Install > Activate. For visual guidance, you can watch this video.

  1. Can WordPress deactivate plugins?

Yes, you can deactivate plugins on WordPress. However, one has to manually deactivate the plugin(s).

  1. Which WordPress plugins are free?

All the top WordPress plugins mentioned above in our list are the best free WordPress plugins. The above-mentioned plugins are the most popular WordPress plugins and the most downloaded WordPress plugins.


This was our take on the WordPress Plugins for blogs and business websites. The above-mentioned 12 WordPress plugins are suitable and useful for any type of WordPress website. Whether yours is a blog or a business website you must use these plugins to make your website the top ranking.

Head to our comment section and ask us your queries. Suggest us more plugins that have proven to be highly useful for your blog or business website.

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