Easy Guide to Create the Best Education Website in 2021

Looking to build the best education website?

Education is now accessible online more than ever before. Nowadays, everyone loves eLearning. Not only can we access the best education website online but also enrol in different online courses. Furthermore, these websites help to earn degrees and certifications from the comfort of our home. 

best education website

eLearning has become popular, especially during the pandemic.

But, the pandemic situation has also given ideas to many educational institutions.

They started utilizing new technologies, managing school administration software, and providing free online education platforms to kids and adults. 

If you, too have a passion for sharing valuable information with others, you can also start doing so by creating your own education website in 2021.

But, the question is…How??

Don’t worry – you’re in the right place.

To rescue you, we have come up with a complete guide explaining how to create an online education site in 2021. Scroll down for a quick grasp.


How To Create An Online Education Website 

Before you start building an education website, you need to choose a platform.

WordPress.org, nowadays, is a renowned website builder/platform that you can utilize to create free online education sites.

It also gives you complete access to all the WordPress features such as themes, plugins, and more.

Moreover, for creating the best online education website, 

First of all, choose a hosting plan. best education website

We recommend you using GoDaddy. It is a renowned and official hosting service provider.

You can also choose WordPress hosting plans on the basis of your budget and requirements. 

After buying a hosting plan, buy a domain. 

To choose a relevant domain name,

    • Start by brainstorming.
    • Finalize a few names that reflect both your likings and niche.
    • Now, check the availability of a domain using a domain checker.
    • Also, try to choose a domain name with “.com” above all other options.
    • Remember to keep the domain name short so that people can memorize it easily.

Basic Requirements for Developing the Best Online Education Website

An online education website must have:

  • A robust search function. 
  • A video section that will help you tell your story. 
  • 100% responsive layout to make it easily visible on mobile devices. 
  • Upload assignments and related documents for the easy learning of the students. 

If you, too are looking to add such features to your WordPress online education website, you need something more than a simple education website theme.

Let’s get a bit deeper and explore some of the best and fantastic education website themes that are worth your attention. 

Top 11 Themes to Create the Best Education Website Designs

Education WordPress

Try Education WordPress!

Next is Education WordPress Theme.

Education WP theme is introduced for top educational websites, training centers. Also, colleges, courses hubs, universities, schools, academies, and kindergarten. It also comes with 20+ pre-built demo templates. Moreover, it is mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, supports bbPress.

Also, it comes with easy branding features that help you create the best educational websites for kids/students.


best education website

Try Starkid!

On top of our list is Starkid. It is a user-friendly and 100% responsive theme.

Moreover, you can use it to create and manage your kindergarten with an efficient learning management system.

The theme also comes with three pre-made demos that can easily kick-start your website. 


Try Course!

The Course is a multi-purpose, high-quality eLearning WordPress theme.

It is designed for teachers, education centers, instructors, schools, and universities to create and manage your own online course website.

Moreover, the theme is designed especially for beginners with zero coding knowledge. 


best education website

Try Colead!

Third, on the list is Colead. It is one of the perfect WordPress themes for coaching.

The Colead is a flexible, stunning, and multipurpose WordPress online education website theme.

Moreover, the theme is designed especially for the speakers, trainers, mentors, therapists, and training coaches. It also helps the coaching institutions to promote their consultancy services to the world in an easier way.  


best education website

Try Epsilon!

Epsilon WP is one of the best education themes for WordPress, which is outstandingly powerful.

Moreover, it comes with a smart (LMS) learning management system based on a WordPress platform. It also helps you easily make and manage courses, quizzes, lessons, and questionnaires. 

Education Xpert

Try Education Xpert!

Education Xpert by sparklewpthemes is a superbly amazing, simple, clean, and fully customizable Education WordPress Themes. Moreover, the responsive theme is specially designed for all types of educational institutions, schools, and colleges.

Education Xpert is also the most accessible free education WordPress theme which can easily be accessed by all types of users with no coding skills.

Sparklewpthemes has a good collection of free WordPress education themes, check them out.

Educational Zone

best education website

Try Educational Zone!

Educational Zone WordPress theme is another latest theme by themagbifico52 that will surely help you do wonders for your education-related business website. It will allow you to create amazing websites.

The theme is specially developed for the educational field such as schools, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions.

It will also serve well for coaching academies, kindergartens, educators, language schools, elementary schools, classes, e-learning, and more.

This theme comes with a well-organized layout and provides you ample customization options to modify the theme as per your choice. 

VW Education Academy

Try VW Education Academy!

VW Education Academy is a youthful, sophisticated, robust, and fully-featured academic WP education theme.

The theme helps to make learning and teaching a pleasant and fun experience. It also has amazing pre-made templates for all types of teaching and educational websites.

The theme is compatible with all the browsers, supports child themes, and is multilingual. Moreover, it comes with blog page options, a full-width template, multiple menu locations, and supports RTL writing style. 

Signify Education

best education website

Try Signify Education!

Signify Education is a free Education WordPress theme with a clean, minimal, and responsive design.

It is a popular, responsive, and multipurpose WordPress theme. This theme has awesome features and sections such as featured content, flexible-header, portfolio, header top options, testimonials, hero content, services, featured slider, and more. 

Education Web

Try Education Web!

Education Web is another attractive and easy-to-use WordPress education theme with stunning flexibility and colorful design. This theme is also capable of managing the overall needs of educational institutions’ websites.

Moreover, it helps you to create very high-quality educational websites easily with less time consumption. 

Education Hub

Try Education Hub!

The last on our list is Education Hub. It is a beautiful WordPress education theme with a minimalistic and unique look. Moreover, this theme is designed for school, college, university, and other related education websites. The best part is, it is also flexible enough to be used for corporate and business websites.

That’s not all, 

Along with the amazing themes, you should install some popular plugins to your WordPress online education website to make them fully functional.

Here, people ask….

What Plugins Should You Install to Make Your Online Education Website Fully-Functional?

No matter whether you are building an education website for kids or adults. To make it fully-functional and user-friendly, you can always install renowned plugins. For example, ProfileGrid, EventPrime, and RegistrationMagic by Metagauss, MasterStudy LMS, Tutor by Themeum, Bookly, and more.

All these plugins are worth a try. Let’s take a quick dive:


best education website

Try RegistrationMagic!

RegistrationMagic is the best plugin by Metagauss, which is introduced to create fully customized user Registration Forms. You can also accept course fees, track admissions, manage student records, analyze stats. Also, assign responsibilities and tasks to teachers and students, and much more.

Moreover, if you are looking to build a customized WordPress Registration Forms on your education website, RegistrationMagic is the right fit for your website.

Active installations:10,000+

WordPress Version:3.3.0 or higher

Tested up to:5.6.2

PHP Version:5.6 or higher

Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Try ProfileGrid!

 Using ProfileGrid, users whether students or teachers, can create frontend user profiles, communities, groups, directories, paid memberships, bbPress profiles, WooCommerce user profiles.

You can also register members through sign-up pages, restrict content, allow users to submit reviews, enable notifications and private messaging with a beautiful interface, and a lot more!

Active installations:7,000+

WordPress Version:3.5 or higher

Tested up to:5.7

PHP Version:5.6 or higher

Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


best education website

Try EventPrime!

 EventPrime is another renowned plugin by Metagauss. It is an event manager plugin that empowers you with the ability to create events directly.

The best part is, you can create events within the Events Calendar from the WordPress Dashboard.

Active installations:700+

WordPress Version:4.8 or higher

Tested up to:5.7

PHP Version:5.6 or higher

Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

MasterStudy LMS

Try MasterStudy LMS!

MasterStudy is a comprehensive software designed to create a fully-featured educational website. In addition, the plugin can easily convert any WordPress website into an online education platform. It has all the essential features of n education website like:

  • Managing courses
  • Educational content
  • Quizzes.
  • Creating lessons
  • Selling your courses
  • Also, delivering online education services, and more.
Average Rating – 4.1 out of 5 stars
Active installations – 10,000+
WordPress Version – 4.6 or higher
Tutor by Themeum

Try Tutor by Themeum!

The Tutor is another feature-packed WordPress LMS plugin to create & market courses online. Moreover. it has all the features that are essential to creating an online course marketplace. Using Tutor, you can also create
  • Fun quizzes
  • Powerful reports
  • Interactive lessons
  • and Stats.
Additionally, you can also administer, monetize, manage your education without any coding skills.
Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
Active installations:20,000+
WordPress Version:4.5 or higher
PHP Version:7.0 or higher

best education website

Try Bookly!

Bookly is another renowned free plugin for WordPress that offers many amazing features that you can add to your online education website. For example, accepting online bookings, automating reservation systems, managing booking calendars, and more – all in one place.

Active installations:50,000+

Average Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

WordPress Version:3.7 or higher

Tested up to:5.7

PHP Version:5.3.7 or higher

What if, you get all the features in a single package?

Isn’t it sound interesting?  Well, we have an amazing option for you.

Choose Metabundle by Metagauss. It is a bundle of all three premium products (RegistrationMagic, ProfileGrid, and EventPrime) available at the cost of one.

After getting a good idea on creating top online learning sites using WordPress in 2021, different themes to consider, best plugins to install, you should also explore some basic questions. For example, 

  • What are the best learning websites for kids/students?
  • Then, what are the free online learning sites?
  • Also explore, what makes a good educational website?
  • Moreover, what are the best education sites for free online courses?

In Conclusion

Setting up an education website might seem like a daunting task. But, if you follow the above-mentioned strategy, it would be relatively easy to create a professional online education website.

Always remember to choose a theme that suits your website requirements, install the suggested plugins, and you will surely be able to do wonders with your website. Good Luck!

Try Metabundle!


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