How to create the best dentist website on WordPress?

Need a feature-rich dentist website to attract more patients? 

The entire globe has already gone online with their businesses and practices. If you are still thinking of building your own dentist website, you are already a bit late. But, worry not! We have got you covered! In this blog, we’ll not only cover the best ways to create a dentist website but will also give you some extra tips to get the lead on your competitors. 

Let’s start with answering some frequently asked questions about dentist websites. 



How much does a dental website cost?

The cost of a dental website varies depending upon the features and design you need for your dental site. It can range between $500-$15000. If the cost seems a bit too much, we have got some affordable ways too. Check out the entire blog to know how you can create a striking dentist website without having to spend too much!

How do I market myself as a dentist?

The best way to market yourself as a dentist is to create a highly functional and dynamic dentist website. Once you have your website set-up, you can build your online presence by marketing your website, spreading local awareness through social media, etc. For further detail, you can check out this amazing blog that covers all the tips and tricks to market your best dental clinic website and boost your practice. 

Can I open a dental office without being a dentist?

If you are not a dentist and still searching for this question; what are you up to? By the way, the answer is no. You can lease your place to someone with a degree to practice dentistry but if you do not have a dentist’s degree, you are not allowed to have a dental office. 

How much does a dentist owner make?

Research by states that the net income of a dentist ranges from $197.2K to $330.2K in the US. However, the report was published in 2018, and the scenario after that has changed a lot. 

5 things you need to build the best dentist website in 2021!

To build an affordable and feature-rich dental care website here are a few things you’ll need:

Hosting and domain solution

To get started with the best dental sites, the very first thing you’ll need is hosting and a domain name. However, getting hosting and a domain name is not a big deal. You can check-out  SiteGround, BlueHost, and Inmotion. They offer one of the best and most affordable solutions for top dental websites. 


If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-manage dental site, is your guy! Building a website has never been this easy, as it is with WordPress. You can easily edit the front-end, add any dental clinic WordPress theme, add, edit and manage content on your website using WordPress. 

WordPress dentist theme

Choosing the right best dentist website templates for your dental site is extremely important. The dental clinic WordPress theme adds the feel, look, and builds up the skeleton of your website. Check-out some of the most popular and top WordPress dentist themes handpicked by our web developers and WordPress experts.


WordPress plugins are a great way of adding advanced features and functionalities to your dental website. Some of the best plugins that enhance the functionalities of top dental websites are ProfileGrid, RegistrationMagic, and EventPrime. Scroll down to know how these plugins can add value to your website and make it one of the best WordPress dentist websites. 

Easy to guide content

Apart from the technical tips, tricks, best plugins, and best dentist website design, another important thing that your website must-have is great and easy to navigate content. Content is the key for any website. You need to make sure that your website content is able to guide your patients well and give them an understanding of your profession better. Check out how you can draft good website content for your website.  

How WordPress plugins can add value to your dentist website?

Continuing on the topic of WordPress plugins, here is how these three plugins, ProfileGrid, RegistrationMagic, and EventPrime can help you add more functionalities and values to your WordPress dental website:


dentist website

Try ProfileGrid for Free!

ProfileGrid is one of the best WordPress profile builders and membership plugins. Using this cutting-edge plugin you can let your patients create their own profile with login ID and password, send messages, create groups, add posts, and more. Here are some of the best features of ProfileGrid:

  • Check and analyze all the data and profiles related to any group through group cards. 
  • Manage patients’ groups, employee or staff groups, members groups, and multiple other groups easily with this plugin. 
  • You can have multiple User Profile types, every Group can have its own set of fields.  
  • Create a membership with the Restrict Content feature that will help you to restrict content access on your website. 
  • You can offer visitors the option to sign up or request membership for the Group of their choice.
  • You can make the groups Open (public) or Closed (private)
  • Closed Groups require membership approval from Group Manager or site Admin.

These are just a few features to list. Know all the features and extensions offered by ProfileGrid.



dentist website

Try RegistrationMagic for Free!

Another great plugin by Metagauss is RegistrationMagic. This registration form plugin for a WordPress website can be a lot handy for anyone creating a website without any coding knowledge. With the help of this WordPress form plugin, you can create any type of form you want on your website. Checkout some dashing features of RegistrationMagic:

  • Create any type of WordPress form. For example, registration forms, payment forms, pop-up forms, survey forms, contact forms, and much more. 
  • Form Manager to keep track of individual forms. 
  • You can view individual submissions, search fields inside the submissions, define note visibility to the user and its color, and much more with this dynamic WordPress form plugin. 
  • Further, you can allow users to download their submissions as PDF. This feature is extremely handy, especially when you have multiple form submissions and want to make the organization easy and hassle-free!
  • Form Analytics to analyze each submission separately 
  • The plugin also comes with a geolocation tracker. 
  • Save time by analyzing and keeping track of your patient and their data.
  • Broadcast email messages to all users who have submitted a specific form. 
  • Further, you can use this feature to send multiple emails at the same time.

Here are the rest of the features of RegistrationMagic. Need some expert tips for your contact form page? Then this blog is a must-read for you!


dentist website

Try EventPrime for Free!

Want to set up an appointment booking system on your website? This plugin is your answer! This modern calendar plugin by Metagauss is a boon for any dental site. With this plugin, you can add a seamless events calendar, take bookings, publish patients’ lists on the website, schedule appointments, and much more. Here are some of the best features of EventPrime:

  • Easy to manage calendar to set appointments.
  • You can assign an event type or activity type.
  • You can create coupons for your patients.
  • This plugin also has a guest booking feature, which can be used to enable your users to make the booking without registration.
  • You can use the geolocation feature to guide the patients to your clinic.
  • Further, you can analyze the events which will help you create a better experience for your patients.
  • You can incorporate online and offline payment methods as well.

Here are some more dynamic features of EventPrime! 

Closing Note

The best thing about all these three plugins is that they are available for free. And if you wish to buy the premium one, you can do that too. The best part is yet not over! It gets even better. If you want all the premium features yet want to save some money, we have a solution for that too. Check out the Metabundle. Metabundle is a bundle of premium versions of all three plugins at half price! 

You are all set with the best plugins, hostings, and themes you will need to build up the best dentist website. All you need to do now is create a WordPress account and get started!

Try Metabundle!

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