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Form Dashboard gives you total control!

Our unique form dashboard for individual forms not only gives you insight into how your form is performing but also provides one-click access to every feature from a single page. Perfect combination of power and simplicity!

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RegistrationMagic comes in two flavors. Both have same feature-set. The only difference being license for number of sites and time period for updates and support. One-time payment, no hassle of recurring billing.
License: GPL2
Forum Queue Support
  • Forms with Limited Options
  • 90+ Powerful Standard Features
  • 5 Free Extensions
  • Forum Support
License: 1 Sites
1 Year of Updates and Support
  • Unlimited Forms
  • 90+ Powerful Standard Features
  • 55 Premium Extensions
  • Priority Support
License: Unlimited Sites
Lifetime Updates and Support
  • Unlimited Forms
  • 90+ Powerful Standard Features
  • 55 Premium Extensions
  • Priority Support
Manual Approvals Ext.

Review and approve individual users instead of default auto registrations. A quick approval link is added to the admin notifications for extra convenience.

Submission Notes Ext.

Attach Admin Note to your user submissions. Frontend notes are visible to the users and can be sent as notification to them.

Role Based Forms Ext.

Bound user roles to forms so that users registering through the form will be automatically assigned the bound role. Alternatively, allow users to choose a role themselves from a list of pre-approved role selection. The option adds a new drop down field inside the form.

Token System Ext.

Generate and provide your users unique token after form submission. The token will also be attached to the form submission in dashboard area.

External Submission Ext.

Forward form data to an external URL using HTTP POST method. Useful for integrating RegistrationMagic with numerous other web apps.

Access Control Ext.

Add conditional access control to your form. Allow users within specific age group, with secret passphrase and/or User Role to fill out forms.

56 Field Types package

Full set of custom field types. Now you can build any type of form.

Export and Filter Ext.

Export all or filtered submissions as CSV. Download individual submissions as PDF. Filter submissions based on date range.

Field Analytics Ext.

Piecharts divided by options chosen by the users on checkbox, radio box, drop down and country fields.

Advanced Paid Registrations Ext.

Add Selection Boxes, DropDown and User Defined price options to your paid registrations.

Paid User Roles Ext.

Add charges to user roles which will appear as payment on the forms bound to that role.

Attachments Browser Ext.

View all attachments as cards inside a dedicated area. You can download individual attachments or all of them as compressed zip file.

Global Overrides Ext.

Not happy with same Global Settings applied to all your forms? Want to configure a single form differently? Global overrides allows you to override these settings for individual forms.

Custom Field with RegEx Ext.

Need a new field type that isn't listed? Want to accept only specific type of field values? Now you can use regular expression to create your own custom fields with this extension.

PDF Branding Ext.

Brand your submission PDFs & Printouts with customized logo and taglines.

Advanced Security Ext.

Add extra security options to your forms including banning IPs, Spammy Domains, reserve important usernames and define password strength options.

Multi-Page Form Ext.

Turn your forms into multi step pages with previous and next buttons. Last page submits the form. Name pages separately and show them above the form fields.

HTML Embed Ext.

Embed your forms where short code cannot go - including different sites and third party pages.

Customizable MagicPopup Ext.

Use Magic Popup as navigation menu with option to add custom links.

PDF Notification Ext.

Form will be attached to admin notification email as PDF file.

Email Username Ext.

Use email instead of username during new user registration. Users can now login with their emails too

Default Forms Ext.

Assign a registration form as default form for a user role.

Saved Searches Ext.

Save your regular submission searches as filters for quick productivity boost.

User Directory Ext.

Display registered users as directory on front end of your site.

User Inbox Ext.

Logged in users can check all the messages they have received from the admin in a new "Inbox" tab on front end area.

Automation Ext.

Created automated workflows and tasks to offload manual tasks to RegistrationMagic's Automation Manager.

Unique Values Ext.

Accept only unique values for your form fields. No two users can submit same value for fields marked unique.

User Submission Cap Ext.

Define a fixed number of times a single user can submit a specific form.

Conditional Fields Ext

Add conditional logic to your form fields and control their appearance based on other field values.

User Meta Ext.

Define User-Meta keys in field setting and save values directly in WordPress User Meta Table.

Email Verification Ext.

Verify user's email address by sending account activation links.

Newsletter Ext.

Add users to your Newsletter’s subscriber lists right from your registration forms.

Custom Status Ext.

Now create, customize and apply custom status to submissions to comply with your registration approval process.

2FA Ext.

Add an extra layer of security and greatly reduce risk of unauthorized access by enforcing Two-Factor Authentication to your site.

Login IP Ban Ext.

Ban visitor IPs based on login behavior. Set rules or prompts to activate IP block.

Username Validation Ext.

Allow Username field on the login for to accept both Username and Email, or only Username.

Social Login Ext.

Allow users to log into your site using popular social networks like Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Instagram, apart from existing Facebook login.

WooCommerce Ext.

Combine the power of RegistrationMagic with WooCommerce for ultimate shopping experience for your customers.

MailPoet Ext.

Subscribe registering users to your MailPoet lists directly from your registration forms.

MailPoet 3 Ext.

Subscribe registering users to latest version of MailPoet lists directly from your registration forms.

Dropbox Ext.

Automatically upload submission PDFs to your Dropbox folder. Useful for archiving and sharing.

Google Maps Ext.

Make use of Google's powerful maps inside your forms. Works with Address and Map field types

MailChimp Ext.

If you are a power MailChimp user you may want to map all your custom fields with registration forms. This extension makes this possible.

Aweber Ext.

Integrate your forms with powerful Aweber system.

Stripe Ext.

Accept payments through ever popular Stripe payment gateway for paid registrations.

Authorize.Net Ext.

Connect your Authorize.Net account as payment option to start accepting credit card payments.

WePay Ext.

Accept payments through your forms using popular WePay gateway.

Offline Payments Ext.

Add more flexibility to your payments system by turning on offline payments. Provide users with payment instructions and activate them after receiving payments.

Intelligent Contact Form Ext.

Want to know what the user wrote to you earlier with contact form submission? Wish to have purchase history of your WooCommerce customer attached to a new support request? Need to see purchased downloads of Easy Digital Downloads buyer with form data? Time to add some intelligence to your submission notifications. Introducing, message shortcodes which dynamically fetch user information from their history on your site and provide you with deeper user insights attached to the submitted content.

Magic Popup Ext.

An innovative frontend system that uses sliding panels to display forms and registration specific information to the user.

Export/ Import Ext.

Export and import your forms easily for backups, site transitions or new installations.

Manual Approvals Ext.

Edit design of your forms to your heart's content by seeing the changes you are making in real time.

ProfileGrid Integration Ext.

Extend RegistrationMagic's user area to user profiles, user communities, paid memberships, advance content restriction and more.

EventPrime Integration Ext.

Extend RegistrationMagic's event registration form to event calendar, tickets, attendee management, and more.

Amazing Reviews. And Growing.

Buyer reviews reflect the love and care we put into our products. All our products are regularly updated with new features, many of them directly from user requests. Checkout our reviews directly from

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about RegistrationMagic. If you wish to know something not listed here,
feel free to write to our support team.

Can I purchase extensions separately?

All RegistrationMagic extensions are part of Premium bundle and are not sold seperately. Many extensions rely on each other to provide you a complete feature-set. And we believe offering a single Premium version without complex pricing scheme avoids last minute confusion. You will be getting everything that we offer in a single price. Also, all future extensions will automatically be part of upgrades offered to Premium customers with active subscriptions.

How do I access the Premium version after purchasing?

After successfully purchasing Premium version license, you will be taken to a page with download link. You can download the plugin as normal WordPress installable zip file. In future, you will be able to download the latest version by logging into Purchase History section of the site, as long as you have an active subscription.

Is this a one-time purchase?

RegistrationMagic Premium license is a one-time purchase, effectively meaning you can use the plugin as long as you want after purchasing it. Premium version comes with 1 year subscription to updates and support for a single site, Premium+ comes with lifetime updates and support for unlimited number of sites! If you purchase Premium and wish to receive updates and support after 1 year from your purchase, you will have to renew subscription.

How can I get support for Premium and Premium+?

RegistrationMagic Premium and Premium+ come with top class support. As Premium/ Premium+ customer you will have access to our Helpdesk with our team of support staff behind it, eager to help you fix any RegistrationMagic relates issues and provide answers to your questions. To submit a new ticket, visit My Account > Support

Why should I purchase Premium+?

RegistrationMagic Premium+ not only comes with license for unlimited sites, but it also has lifetime updates support. RegistrationMagic is updated regularly with major releases frequently with new features and security patches. Upgrades are one of the things that makes RegistrationMagic so great. If you do not wish to miss out on that, Premium+ is the version for you.

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License: GPL2
Forum Queue Support
License: 1 Site
1 Year of Updates and Support
License: Unlimited Sites
Lifetime Updates and Support 
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