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It is not a brainer that a website that wishes to serve its visitors well has to add a website form to create a safe environment through which your prospect can reach you. One can simply mention the company or personal email address on the website to facilitate communication. However, such actions increase the risk of spam; you get only the information that a customer shares, and let’s just agree; it does not look professional! A contact form creator plugin or any other type of WordPress Form builder is seen as a great solution to this problem and effectively avoid these loopholes. These WordPress user registration plugins are great for your WordPress contact page.

Now at this point, you might wonder, “What is the best contact form for WordPress?” or “Are contact forms necessary?”, “How do contact forms work?”, “Are contact forms outdated?” or even, “Why do we need to create forms?” Let’s try to clear some of your basic queries first!

Are contact forms necessary?

Generally, there are various types of forms that you can incorporate into your website to establish a better means of two-way communication between you and your audience. So, yes! Contact forms are vital for any website. They not only help you communicate better with your audience but also help you in gathering crucial user data, reviews, and most of all they can provide you with more refined leads. This also explains why do we need to create forms.

What is the best contact form for WordPress?

The best form is the one that has minimal fields, is easy to fill, does not have unnecessary fields to distract the user, and is a lightweight contact form WordPress. To create the best contact form in WordPress, you only need a dynamic and the top WordPress contact form plugin.

Are contact forms outdated?

Contact Forms are Dead. Registration Forms are the Future.

RegistrationMagic plugin- top contact form plugin WordPress

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What is the best form builder for WordPress? 

To incorporate forms into your website, you can simply use any plugin available in the WordPress market. Also, there are a handful of themes that allow you to create a form without plugin or create a registration form in WordPress without a plugin.

However, very few offer exciting features to create all types of WP register forms using a single WordPress contact form plugin. To your rescue, RegistrationMagic– a simple contact form WordPress plugin by Metagauss is a WordPress Contact form plugin that offers more than just WP Contact form creation. Other best WordPress contact form plugins do claim to bring a comfortable and user-friendly approach to the form creation process. Even so, hardly any plugin will offer you the comfort that RegistrationMagic offers.

RegistrationMagic forms are tightly integrated with WordPress core and offer a better way to collect user data (manually and automatically!) and manage user engagement.

Contact forms vs RegistrationMagic plugin
Contact forms vs RegistrationMagic plugin

Let’s dig deeper and understand how!

Contact Form Plugin with WordPress Integration

RegistrationMagic - best free contact form plugin for wordpress
RegistrationMagic – best free contact form plugin for WordPress

The very feature that makes RegistrationMagic stand out among the other Best WordPress contact form plugins is WordPress integration. With this feature, you can give your user an option to create WordPress accounts while filling up a fast secure contact form. They can also choose to opt-out from this option and can register without creating any WordPress account. It further allows you to enable manual approval for each account. Moreover, you can set an email field in the wp registration form. On the same email, the password will be sent later. Or you can have both email and password fields in the contact form. There are endless settings and features that you can explore on RM. And with WordPress integration the possibilities are limitless.

 Data Storage

RegistrationMagic - User data management
WordPress contact form email management

One thing that truly bumps us all out is managing the submission data or sorting them out. In most of the WordPress Contact Form plugin free or paid, the user data is redirected to your email, which makes the data sorting process extremely time-consuming. Many Contact Form inquiries end up getting lost among the pile of emails in your inbox. With RegistrationMagic- a dynamic yet simple contact form WordPress plugin, you do not have to shed a single drop of sweat as all your submission data or user data is stored on the RM forms page. Further, it saves a lot of time if you wish to see all the contact form submissions in one place. 

Attachment Manager

RegistrationMagic plugin WordPress contact form with file upload
RegistrationMagic plugin WordPress contact form with file upload

Want to hear about something that almost none of the WordPress contact form plugin free or paid have but RM does? A unique feature called Attachment Manager. If you have a form that allows the users to upload files, this feature is a savior for you. It sorts and saves all the attachments in one place i.e. Attachment Manager. You can easily access all the files in one go!


A Contact Form Plugin that Auto Adapts to the Themes

Auto adapting custom contact form WordPress
Auto adapting custom contact form WordPress

Another great feature that comes with RegistrationMagic contact form builder for WordPress is the auto adapting feature of the forms. The forms you create on RegistrationMagic automatically adapts to the theme that you have installed on your website. This makes RegistrationMagic a simple contact form WordPress plugin with some unique features. Even if you haven’t updated any theme yet, once you do, the pre-created Form will automatically adapt to the theme. Apart from that, you save a large amount of time as you don’t have to match your forms with the theme manually.  

Autofill WordPress Contact Form

Autofill simple and best contact form WordPress

RegistrationMagic is perfect for automatic form filling. Many times the Form is so lengthy that users almost lose all interest in filling it. The best way of saving time and effort here is to use RegistrationMagic plugin on your website. With this plugin, you can create a new User Meta by using individual field settings. You simply have to activate ‘Add this field to User Account’ on the Edit Field section and add the ‘Associated User Meta Key.’  

Though it is an Autofill feature, users can edit the automatically filled data. Here you pave a way to add to the client relation positively. 

Intelligent Form

WordPress contact form with email management
WordPress contact form with email management

Smart forms are the new normal. Many solution providers are providing intelligent forms; the ease and comfort offered by RegistrationMagic are unmatchable and makes it one of the best WordPress contact form plugins. RegistrationMagic offers Email Codes, which can be added to the Form emails to extract user data after submission. These email codes pick up the history connected to the user’s email ID and make it available directly to the admin on the contact form email. 

Form Manager

Form manager with responsive contact form WordPress
Form manager with responsive contact form WordPress

One thing that not only takes time but also tests your patience is the process of finding, editing, and managing all the forms on your WordPress websites. RegistrationMagic has put an end to this hefty process with one spot Form Manager that enables you to add, edit, manage, and track all your forms at a single place! In addition to that you also easily publish your contact forms with WordPress contact form shortcodes availed by RegistrationMagic.

Form Analytics

Responsive forms with analytics
Responsive contact form WordPress with form analytics

The unique form analytics feature of RegistrationMagic sets this plugin apart from all the other form creation plugins. It allows you to track the location of the visitor, has a neat table of visitors’ IP, visiting time, submission status, submission time, and filling time information. Further, it has a detailed report on the conversion percentage of the visitors, browsers used by the visitor, failure rate in percentage, browser-wise conversion rate, and much more. 

Broadcast Email

RegistrationMagic plugin - Email broadcast
RegistrationMagic plugin – Email broadcast

A little acknowledgement can go a long way. The broadcast email feature in RegistrationMagic allows you can to broadcast email messages to all users who have submitted a specific form. In addition to that, you can also send customized emails. And with RegistrationMagic, you’ll never have to face the problem of your contact form not sending emails or your WordPress contact form not working. With every form submitted your user will receive an email automatically! 

Payment Forms

RegistrationMagic plugin - WordPress contact form with payments
RegistrationMagic plugin – WordPress contact form with payments

If you’re looking for payment based forms, one thing we bet your Contact Form Plugin does not have is the Offline payment option. RegistrationMagic is probably one of the only few, best WordPress plugin for a contact form that allows the offline collection of payments despite submitting the WordPress user registration form. You can easily configure offline payment in your registration form WordPress without wasting many minutes on it. All you have to do is activate the ‘offline payment’ mode from the installed RegistrationMagic plugin. Follow the below path for contact form setup with payments.

The path is: RegistrationMagic’s Global Settings -> Payments settings. Many Form creation plugins lack this feature.

All in one solution: Create any type of Contact Form or User Registration form

RegistrationMagic Plugin
RegistrationMagic plugin- best WordPress plugin for contact form
With RegistrationMagic, it is never just about a Contact Form; you can create every type of website form with this all in one solution! 

1. Contact Form

 Websites typically use contact forms to invite contact requests. However, do you know that contact forms can also be used as a registration form? With the RegistrationMagic WordPress contact form plugin, this is easily possible. You can do it in two ways. Firstly, you can set it through the ‘New User Registration’ setting in the General Setting section. Secondly, you can use the option in the toggle setting in the Form Dashboard. Apart from that, all the WordPress contact form codes are availed by RegistrationMagic!

2. Sign-up Newsletter

Newsletters are used as a popular marketing tool to update the users/customers on all the latest happening/decisions of their interest. As a smart website owner, you must know that you can use newsletters to register new users. Unlike other plugins in the market, RegistrationMagic is compatible with every popular newsletter service. You can simply do it in just a few steps from the Form’s dashboard. You can further create a WordPress sign-up form with the registration magic plugin.

3. Purchase Form

Here is an opportunity to create your very own custom registration form with RegistrationMagic. If you are using WooCommerce to perform all the functions, this plugin will simply replace your default WooCommerce registration form. Unlike the regular WooCommerce registration form, you can create a WordPress custom registration form for your WordPress registration page with RegistrationMagic. RegistrationMagic is not only the best WordPress plugin for contact forms but for purchase forms too. Further, with RM, you can directly edit it whenever you want. You can also add various form fields and create a WordPress registration form with payment, rather than just using the fields made available by WooCommerce. In addition to that, the process is exceptionally simple and two steps process:

1. Go to Global Settings of RegistrationMagic.
2.Set the Default Registration Form in WooCommerce Integration settings to the RegistrationMagic Form of your choice.

4. Restricted Content Access Form

Exclusive content access opens a new window of opportunity for you to request contact details from interested users. With RegistrationMagic, you are entitled to allow only authorized users to access the website’s crucial content. Further, request them to fill the content access form before exploring the content.

RegistrationMagic can be used to create membership forms that you can use to register users on your WP websites. This will allow access to the contents only by the registered users.

In addition to the things mentioned above, it also allows registration compatibility with many popular social media platforms. Further, you can also create an event registration form on the WordPress website that will allow you to simultaneously create a user’s account. You can also set limits on the registration by date, day, or month so that the registration stops automatically as the event ends. A marketing technique that is catching up is that people are publishing forms on their website, way before launching it. This way, they get to keep the crowd all worked up before the big revival. You can also use this technique to register the user’s way before your WordPress website is launched with RegistrationMagic.


RegistrationMagic by Metagauss, unlike most of the market players, is a perfect plugin for the modern website owner who wishes to interact with the website visitors/prospects as seamlessly and intuitively as possible. It is the best user registration plugin for WordPress and an amazing WordPress login form plugin. You can set up a contact form in WordPress free or paid, WordPress registration captcha, a WordPress registration form with PayPal, and more with RegistrationMagic. In addition to RegistrationMagic contact form plugin WordPress, Metagauss has two more extremely dynamic plugins, ProfileGrid, and EventPrime. Overall, this plugin is a perfect choice and wholesome solution for any WordPress website for dynamic and customizable forms for their website.

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