Metagauss and SuperbThemes Partner Together to Launch Membershiply

SuperbThemes- Membershiply powered by ProfileGrid
Metagauss and SuperbThemes announced today a partnership to launch Membershiply, a membership-based and community theme for WordPress, powered by ProfileGrid – the popular Profile and Community builder WordPress plugin.


The collaboration of Metagauss and SuperbThemes will allow the SuperbThemes’ users to add dynamic functionalities on their WordPress websites, like user profiles, groups, communities, messaging, content restriction, and more.

Metagauss is widely known for its powerful and feature-rich WordPress plugin like ProfileGrid, EventPrime, and RegistrationMagic. All the three WordPress plugin have been well received by the users and are quite popular for their highly practical and easy to use extensions and functionalities. 

On 22nd of July 2020, the Manager, Growth, and Development at Metagauss, Mr. Kunal Tatiya, announced: “Metagauss has been building robust solutions for theme developers and website administrators to bring the best out of their websites. As another step in this direction, we proudly announce our partnership with SuperbThemes. We have joined forces to integrate one of our best plugins, i.e., ProfileGrid WordPress plugin, with their newly crafted membership theme WordPress — Membershiply. The combination of ProfileGrid by Metagauss and Membershiply the best membership theme WordPress will offer the perfect combo of beautiful and responsive frontend with powerful tools in the admin area.”  

Insights of the partnership

Metagauss and SuperbThemes Membershiply which is a WordPress membership theme and community theme with multiple dynamic features. The WordPress membership theme is considered to be one of the best membership WordPress themes. This includes a crisp and clean design allowing users to showcase their content effectively. Not to mention, the best membership WordPress theme is super Search Engine friendly with breezy load times. Also, the best WordPress community theme comes with multiple community website templates to choose from. Moreover, this best community theme WordPress is one of the leading wp community themes. 

Additionally, the membership theme WordPress offers all the usual bells and whistles, from options to customize backgrounds, colors, logos to an assortment of widgets. This best WordPress membership theme also has multiple widget areas for user-submitted ads. On top of all this, the membership theme WordPress has native compatibility with Woocommerce, Beaver Builder, and Elementor.  

Now powered by ProfileGrid WordPress community plugin, the best WordPress membership theme gets even more features. For starters, creating any number of profiles, groups, or communities, elegant frontend, content restriction, memberships, messaging, and more. The plugin makes the process of creating groups, sharing content, and creating communities easy and fast. Users can create and share photo albums, accept payments on membership sites using Stripe. In addition to that, they can add social login to their WordPress site, and much more.  

Five Unique Features of ProfileGrid by Metagauss That Adds to the Value of Membershiply wp membership theme

Functionalities like creating user groups in the ProfileGrid WordPress community plugin, adds to the flexibility of the best membership WordPress theme in multiple ways. It allows the admin of the website to segregate different processes on the website. Further, it enables the admin to create a specific set of profile fields for specific user groups. Also, the admin can set membership price, Group Badge for each Group, Import users using a CSV file, and much more.

Segregation of groups - Superbthemes- Membershiply+ProfileGrid

ProfileGrid WordPress membership plugin also enables the admin of the website to set group properties, which helps in segregating groups in the frontend based on their administration. It further enables the admin to hide or show group details on the frontend, set a limit for the number of users in a specific group, set a post-registration redirection, set up customized email notifications, and much more. 

With the PG WordPress membership plugin, website administrators can easily manage and smoothly function groups. It has an All Groups page with a grid layout. Further, this page can be used to display multiple groups with their details on the frontend so that users can sign up for their preferred groups seamlessly from the page.

ProfileGrid WordPress community plugin makes the registration process exceptionally seamless and easy for users as well as the website administrator. In addition to that, the website administrator can create a multi-page registration form as well as a single-page registration form. PG WordPress membership plugin has over 35 types of custom fields that can be used by the admin.  

Another dynamic functionality of PG that adds great value toMemberhiply is that it allows the admin to have its set of emails pre-mapped to different events for each Group. It has an Email Template Manager area from where the admin can easily manage email templates.  

Privacy and restrictions are extremely vital for any website. With ProfileGrid, the admin can manage privacy and restrict various content of multiple levels. The admin gets Content Restriction settings on all existing pages or posts of their dashboard. Also, the admin gets Group level privacy. This allows the admin to create and set customized privacy settings for different groups of users on their website.

With features such as Group Directory, Custom Profile Tabs, Group Photos,  it becomes exceedingly easy to create and maintain communities. Group Wall, Social Login, Frontend Group Creator also adds great value to the WordPress plugin. In addition to that one can also create and manage memberships on the WordPress website. Various payment gateway integration availed by ProfileGrid helps carry out membership transactions smoothly.  

This partnership will undoubtedly create some buzz in the WordPress community. Yet both the companies are looking forward to exploring new dimensions with a futuristic approach. Membershiply WordPress membership theme is just a stepping stone for both Metagauss and SuperbThemes. It is expected that this partnership will bring further unique solutions for the WordPress theme users in the coming months.  



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