Digital Tools To Grow Summer Camp And Interact With Kids Online [Organizer Guide]

In this age and time where everything is online and going digital, it has become essential for all industries to be digitally sound. Especially for the summer camps, it has become crucial to go digital. Moreover, digital tools for summer camps are of great help! Starting from sending invites to payments, digital tools can help you create a seamless process for your audience.

Well, it indeed does not seem easy to make your summer camp digital, especially when others are still going by the old rules. However, you can’t even imagine how simple the whole process can be for both the organizers and the parents with some digital tools. 

Are you still feeling overwhelmed about what to do, where to go, whom to ask, and what tools to use? Well, we have got your back. That’s what we are here for! We have fetched every possible resource out there, reached some tech gurus, and have turned quite a few stones to bring together a complete guide for the organizer. Moreover, it covers all the digital tools that will help you grow your summer camp and interact with kids online. Let’s get started! 

Why is it important for the organizers to deploy digital tools to grow your Summer Camp and interact with kids?

This has to be the first question that pops into your mind when we talk about digital tools. Why deploy digital tools for summer camps? Everyone else seems to do just fine with the traditional methods! Right?

Well, we’ll have to ask you a question before we answer that. Do you want to do ‘FINE’? Or are you looking for something that can take you from ‘FINE’ to ‘EXCELLENT’ or even ‘THE BEST’? If your answer is ‘THE BEST,’ you’re on the right track! And here is your answer to why deploying digital tools is vital for growing your summer camp:

Reach the highest level of efficiency 

If you talk about the traditional ways of stacking the data and operational information on paper, you probably know how messy and unorganized that can be. Moreover, only with digital tools, you can reach your maximum efficiency level. With websites, plugins, extensions, and other tools, you can make the process easier and error-free!

Save time 

Digital tools allow you to manage a lot of things at a time. However, now you don’t need multiple people working on numerous things. In addition to that, you can have digital accounts management, customizable online camp registration forms, and multiple registration capabilities with summer camp online registration softwares and plugins. Further, you can have centralized payment processing, eligibility filters, and much more. These digital tools can help register for camp, summer camp enrollment,  and much more. 

Camps Are Safer

There are various digital tools for summer camps that can reassure parents that their children will be safe and taken care of all summer—for example, Digital check-in, Transportation tracking, Electronic health center, and much more.

More efficient Communication 

Communication is the key and the most crucial part when it comes to the Summer Camp Industry. Especially between the parents and the organizers, Communication is the key. Also, coordinating within the Camp also needs good Communication. Apart from that spreading the word for the Camp also requires efficient Communication. Moreover, flyers can’t help you out with it! Automated emails, Scheduled emails, and Mass emails can come in handy for such communications. Also, with digital tools, you can take feedback, camp leaders can distribute, receive, store, and organize evaluations, share information, and much more.

Staffing Is Simplified 

If you are a camp organizer, you probably know how hard it is to hire the best possible candidate. In addition to that, staffing has been a stumbling block for camp organizers. However, with digital tools, you can simplify the entire camp staffing process and perfect the hiring strategy. Moreover, online applications, Interview tools, Electronic offers, and Candidate profile organizers are just a few examples of tools that can help you out.

Fundraising Is Easier

There is multiple Fundraising software available that can help you make the whole process a lot easier. Starting from online payments to sending fundraising notifications, everything at your fingertip!

In addition to that, there are numerous other reasons why you should deploy digital tools for summer camps. However, these are the best ones. Now that we have answered your “Why,” let’s move on to the next part. Which digital tools for summer camps can help you grow your Camp.

Here are a few digital tools for summer camps that can help you grow your Summer Camp:

1. RegistrationMagic Plugin

digital tools for summer camps

RegistrationMagic is an amazing WordPress Registration Plugin! The exquisite array of functionalities and extensions this plugin provides is beyond compare. It is a perfect tool for Summer Camps. You can customize your unique registration form with this plugin. Not only that, but it can also have its own set of custom fields, Content, and configuration. Further, it is exceptionally easy to use.

You don’t need to be techy to install or to use this plugin on your WordPress website. Besides, you can use it to create registration forms for the Camp, login forms for the parents, digital check-in forms for the kids, medical forms to keep a record of the medical requirements, coordinators’ forms, fundraising forms, you can create forms for staffing, and more. It has a simple ‘Cards View’ option that allows you to fetch information just at-the-glance, a built-in Login system, a submission counter on form card, a default form selector, and a short-code system for forms that allow you to publish the forms without any hassle. In addition to that, there is Submissions Dashboard Widget, Submissions under User profiles, Sort form cards alphabetically or chronologically, Duplicate forms, and much more. You can create various unique forms such as summer camp application form, sports camp registration form, summer camp enrollment form, camp application form, application form for summer camp, sample camp registration forms, summer camp sign up form, sample summer camp registration form and much more.

In addition to that, here are some of the features RegistrationMagic is loaded with:
  • Easy to Use Form Manager allows you to create unlimited forms. 
  • Further, view individual submissions, search fields inside the submissions, define note visibility to the user and its color, and much more with this feature. It also allows users to download their submissions as PDF. This feature is extremely helpful, especially when you have multiple form submissions and want to make the organization easy and hassle-free!
  • Time Saving Form Analytics helps you analyze each submission separately and also comes with a geolocation tracker. 
  • The Pie Chart of the conversion percentage of the visitors is also included in this extension. The failure rate in percentage, average filling time in seconds, browser-wise conversion rate gives you a complete breakdown of your user activities.
  • These features can help you save a lot of time analyzing and keep track of your visitors and their data.
  • Broadcast email messages to all users who have submitted a specific form. Use this feature to send multiple emails at the same time. 

There are multiple other features that can make your registration process exceptionally easy and time-saving. Read how RegistrationMagic can be a complete solution for your Summer Camp WordPress Website. This dynamic plugin is available for free on as well as they provide an amazing amalgamation of premium extension under a bundle known as the MetaBundle. You can also try out the free version of RegistrationMagic first or straight away go for the MetaBundle!

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2. ProfileGrid Plugin

digital tools for summer camps

Now, ProfileGrid is another striking plugin that will arm your Summer Camp website with all the necessary features and functionalities. ProfileGrid is a WordPress User Profiles Plugin that is loaded with several other useful extensions like Groups, Communities, and Memberships.

In addition to that, Content Restriction, Messaging, Login/Logout Menu, Forget Password, WooCommerce Integration, and the list is pretty huge. This plugin can be used to create profiles for parents, create multiple communities and groups for activities, and much more!

Here are some of the highlights of this plugin:
  • You can create profiles, groups, and communities with this plugin. As well as you also have an overview of all the groups in the backend of your website. 
  • Further, you can check and analyze all the data and profiles related to any group through group cards. 
  • In addition to that, you can manage parents’ groups, employee or staff groups, members groups, and multiple other groups easily with this feature. 
  • You can have multiple User Profile types, 
  • Every Group can have its own set of fields.  
  • Plus, Group can have its own Group Manager or Moderator. 
  • Group Managers can have a special privacy level for group members and more.
  • Restrict Content will help you to restrict unwanted Content on your website. 
  • You can offer visitors the option to sign up or request membership for the Group of their choice.
  • Groups can be Open (public) or Closed (private)
  • Closed Groups require membership approval from Group Manager or site Admin.


Moreover, there are multiple other functionalities that will add to the value of your Summer Camp website. You can explore all these features and functionalities here. However, we have summarized all important points on how ProfileGrid can be a complete solution for your Summer Camp Website and how it can help you make your Summer Camp one of the best. This plugin is also available in free as well as premium versions.

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3. EventPrime Plugin

digital tools for summer camps

EventPrime is a beginner-friendly WordPress Events Calendar plugin. This plugin is loaded with some of the most stunning and ravishing features for Summer Camp websites. In addition to that, it allows you to create and manage events. You can use this plugin to schedule activities, make Camp bookings, and much more. It comes with some advanced functionalities that help you enhance your website and take it to another level.

Here are some of the features that can be of immense use:
  • Event Calendar can help you create events and activities related to your Camp.
  • You can assign an event type or activity type.
  • You can create coupons for your Camp.
  • It also has a guest booking feature, which can be used to enable your users to make the booking without registration.
  • The geolocation feature can be used to guide the attendees to the campsite.
  • You can add sponsors, performers, and much more information related to the event or the activity.
  • Further, you can analyze the events which will help you create a better experience for your attendees.
  • You can incorporate online and offline payment methods as well.

It is easy to use a complete event management system that will make the coordination and operating process of your Camp simpler and better. In addition to that, there are various other features of this plugin. Checkout how EventPrime can help you organize and manage your summer camp better. Moreover, you can also try the free version of this plugin, and for a more advanced experience, you can try the MetaBundle.

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4. Summer Camp Themes:

Your website is the first thing that your users experience. Moreover, your website is the first impression that you create on your users. Having a great theme is as important as having a campfire in a camp. In addition to that, both are kinda the main attraction in a summer camp.

There is an array of summer themes for kids, youth camp themes, and kids camp themes, available online. While choosing the best camp themes, make sure the design is light to run, the design is great to attract a young audience and has multiple sections to put up your Content. There are various other features of good camp themes. To narrow down your search and help you find the best Summer Camp Themes for your WordPress website, we have handpicked the top 10 cool camp themes for you. Check them out!

Top 10 Summer Camp Themes For WordPress Websites

5. Summer Camp ERP Solutions

Another highly recommended digital tool for summer camp is ERP solutions. There are multiple ERP solutions available for Summer Camps that can help you manage your summer camp. In addition to that, they can also help you create an organized and efficient process, especially for organizers. Moreover, if you are a camp organizer; these ERP solutions are definitely going to change your life:

a) Campground Master

Campground Master is an onsite camp management solution designed uniquely for summer campgrounds. Moreover, some of the key features of this are credit card processing, online reservations, site maps, and point of sale (POS). This tool is one of the best tools for summer camp.

b) Camp Doc is a cloud-based electronic health records solution specially designed for summer camps. In addition to that, you can use it for online registration, electronic health records, health forms, emergency medical information, and reporting features.

c) RMS Campground 

RMS Campground is also a cloud-based camp management solution and summer camp registration and summer camp management software designed for summer camps. This solution offers customer management, food service management, and billing functionalities within a suite.

d) Regpack

This dynamic solution is used by more than 7,000 organizations worldwide. Regpack is another widely popular cloud-based summer camp management software solution designed to help Summer camps. This helps automate the camp registration and online payment process, triggered emails, dynamic filtering and reporting tools, and much more.

e) Sawyer Tools 

Sawyer Tools was built specifically with children’s summer camp providers in mind. This summer camp management software will equip you with everything you require. Quick charge customers, customize forms for relevant information, track allergies, quickly transfer or remove campers, and message an entire roster in just a few clicks, anytime, from any device.

6. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular and widely used office tools all over the globe. Moreover, be it offices or summer camps; this tool can help you coordinate with your fellow workers, parents, students anytime. It has some of the most dynamic features that can help you manage, organize, and run your summer camp smoothly.

In addition to that, you can chat, video call, send voice text, voice call, and much more. Also, it allows you to send files, images, and videos. You can also conduct meetings, assign tasks, and create a hierarchy using this tool. Further, you can create summer camp staff manual, camp guide, summer camp activities list, summer programs for kids, day camp schedule, summer camp schedule of activities, camp schedules for staff, summer camp daily schedule for students, kids camp schedule for supervisors and more. This tool gives you a 360-degree solution and is a great summer camp management software!

In Conclusion:

Huff! It was quite a read! Well, it may have been a long one but trust us; these tools are going to change the complete scenario of your summer camp! Not only in terms of organization, but also in revenue generation. Further, you can use these dynamic tools according to your needs and requirements. You can mix and match these solutions, themes, and plugins too. Be it children summer camp, educational summer camps, summer camp activities for kids, or community summer camps, these tools are a game changer. Now, no more looking back! Get yourself all geared up with these digital tools for Summer Camps and make your summer camp “THE BEST”!

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