How to Set Up Payments Form: An Easy Guide for Beginners

Looking for an easy way to set up a WordPress payments form?

Look no more, we have it all! Here in this blog, we have accumulated all the data that you’ll require to set up a dynamic WordPress payments form on your website. Starting from a step by step guide to an ultimate WordPress PayPal plugin with forms. Let’s get started!


Why do we need a WordPress registration form with payment?

One of the crucial tasks on your website is to make it easier for your users to pay. You can always use a simple checkout process, partner with payment portals, and add the WordPress payments form. However, if you really wish to make the task hassle-free for your users, then you need to take control of your WordPress payments form. And fortunately, you can achieve that with the RegistrationMagic plugin on your WordPress website. Let’s see how.

Below we will show how you can set up a WordPress form with a payment option. Check how you can create a WooCommerce payment form in a few minutes. Also, check out how RegistrationMagic is better than other recurring payments WordPress plugins and is one of the best solutions for you!

Features of this WordPress Simple Pay Plugin with Forms

Depending on your user profile, every WordPress registration form with PayPal is different. You need to uniquely define the fields and design sections keeping an array of factors in mind.

RegistrationMagic is a wordpress PayPal plugin with forms that can help you create payment processing forms on WordPress websites and eCommerce websites. You can fully personalize your forms, from content to configuration, everything can be uniquely defined in each and every form.

Here are some amazing features of the RegistrationMagic WordPress payments form plugin:

  • Manage and view all your WordPress registration forms with payment on a single page.
  • Add custom fields and labels to your WordPress form for payment.
  • Analyze WordPress stripe payment forms, check submission status, and other related details of form fields.
  • Users can integrate WPforms for PayPal to their WordPress Paypal form.
  • Premium users additionally have the power to integrate WordPress stripe payment forms along with offline payments.
  • Fully control your WordPress form with payment options, such as one-time password-based login.
  • Embrace CSS 3 enabled responsiveness for every type of user device.
  • Upgrade to a premium account for additional features like advanced analytics, simpler payments, etc.

How to Create a WordPress Registration Form with Payment?

You can install the RegistrationMagic WordPress payments form plugin on your WordPress in a few minutes; quite literally! Follow the process given below and create an interactive WordPress form with payment options on WordPress.

1. You need to first install the RegistrationMagic plugin on your website to start using it.  For that, you can download the WordPress PayPal recurring payments plugin from the link below:


Try RegistrationMagic Free

Or you can visit the Plugins tab from your Admin Panel.

Admin Panel

2. On this page, find the Add New button and click on it.

Add New

3. On the following page, search for RegistrationMagic and Install the WordPress PayPal recurring payments plugin.

Instal RegistrationMagic

4. After this, the RegistrationMagic will be available in the menu of your Admin Panel from where you can set up the WordPress payments form.

Set up WordPress Payment form

5. Click on the RegistrationMagic option to visit the All Forms page.

Here you can simply click on New Form to create a WordPress order form with payments.

New Form

A dialogue box will open, where you need to type the name of your WordPress order form with payment. For example, WordPress event registration and payment form.

New Form

You can also Turn off user registration for this form if this is not a WordPress registration form with paypal. Generally, the PayPal form on WordPress also offers an option for registration. So, depending on your requirement, you can select this option.

6. After clicking on Save, the form will start appearing in the All Forms section.

7. If you hover your cursor over the form, you will find the Dashboard and Fields tabs. Click on the Fields button to change settings.

Fields Manager

Add Fields to this WordPress stripe form as per your requirements.

Set Up Payments

8. To set up payment in this form, you need to visit the Global Settings of RegistrationMagic. RegistrationMagic Global Settings is a unique option that allows you to access all the extension settings in one place. RegistrationMagic has numerous such unique functionalities. You can read more about how RegistrationMagic is beating other old WordPress paypal payment plugins here!

Global Settings

9. In the Global Settings, find the Payments option and click on it.

10. On this page, you can select the Payment Processor, Default Currency, and Current Symbol Position.

Enable Payment

11. For instance, we have selected PayPal. If you click on the Configure button beside it, you would be taken to a new window that has options to change PayPal payment settings.

Enable Payment- WordPress payments form

12. You can select whether you want to Enable Test Mode or not. You also need to add your PayPal email ID, and Page Style.

Note: It is necessary to add PayPal ID to set up payment. 

You can get more information on these fields by clicking on the More option given on the right.

Check Payment Option in Preview

Since payment is coupled with the Product, you need to Add the Product to your WordPress payments form.

13. On your Admin Panel, click on Products from RegistrationMagic.

Add Product- WordPress payments form

14. This window will have an option for New Product, click on it, and set up your Product.

New Product- WordPress payments form

15. Add fields like Product Pricing Type, Name, etc.

Add Product- WordPress payments form

16. Once this is done, go back to your Payment Form, click on Add Field and Add Product to the form.

Add Field- WordPress payments form

17. Add fields, such as Field Type, Label, Select Product, and Hover Text.

Add Fields- WordPress payments form

18. Finally, you can check the payment settings from the Preview of the Fields Manager page.

Here’s how it will look:

WordPress Payments Form

That’s all! Your payment has been set up.


In the normal scenario, you require a lot of time and resources to implement a WordPress payments form. However, the WordPress PayPal form by RegistrationMagic helps you deploy the payment functionality quickly. So, check the above process of installing RegistrationMagic and start using it for your WordPress order form with payment and other WordPress stripe form requirements.

If you are stuck with an issue, contact us. Our experts would reach out with the best advice.

Try RegistrationMagic Free

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