The Only Guide You Will Need to Create WordPress Contact Forms!

Know how to quickly and easily create a dynamic WordPress contact form for your website!

If you own a website, then it should have custom WordPress contact forms. Through this form, you can allow your users to occasionally reach out to you and offer their feedback.

Let’s see how you can improve user engagement by adding a custom contact form to your WordPress.


RegistrationMagic is an outstanding WordPress contact form plugin to create and maintain registration forms on WordPress. You can create forms with unique content, customized fields, and specific configurations. You can also create, WordPress popup contact form, floating contact form, WordPress contact form with file upload, WordPress contact form widget, or add captcha to WordPress contact form, and much more.

Leaving the old WordPress contact form plugins behind, RegistrationMagic is a one spot solution for all types of WordPress forms. Check out how RegistrationMagic, one of the best contact form WordPress plugins, can change the game for your WordPress website!

You can check all the designed forms under the RegistrationMagic plugin menu on your admin panel. Here, every form is represented as a card that contains a lot of information related to the form.

  • Submissions 
  • User registrations 
  • Form settings 
  • Fields settings 
  • Shortcode 

Feature of the WordPress contact form plugin

Check out some of the dedicated features of RegistrationMagic:  

  • With RegistrationMagic, you can use built-in graphs, tables, and charts to visualize your registration process. 
  • You can completely control the user registration page on WP with this best contact form plugin for WordPress; using one-time passwords and user deactivation. 
  • It is possible to decide automation workflows and design customized registration statuses.  
  • You can create responsive contact forms with RegistrationMagic;  it has in-built responsiveness CSS 3.  
  • You can upgrade your subscription and access add-on features like attachments, field analytics, etc.  

RegistrationMagic is the new future of and is the best contact form plugin for WordPress. Don’t just follow the flock, get the best!

Try RegistrationMagic For Free! 

How to Create a Contact Form for WordPress Free? 

Installing RegistrationMagic on your WordPress and using it is simpler than you may have anticipated. Let’s see how you can do it: 

  1. The first step is to install RegistrationMagic. For this, visit your Admin Panel and click on Plugins. 


2. On the following page, select Add New to add the RegistrationMagic plugin.

Add New Plugin

3. Now, search for RegistrationMagic and Install it. After installing the plugin, Activate it to start using it. 

Install Registration Magic

Once that is done, we can move forward and start creating simple contact forms for WordPress for free.

Create Forms

4. On your Admin Panel, go to RegistrationMagic. When you hover your cursor over this popup contact form WordPress plugin, you will get options for All Forms. Click on it and wait for it to load.

All Forms

5. You can directly start creating a WordPress contact us form by clicking on the New Form, which is just below the All Forms.  

Add New Form

6. Now, add the Name of Your Form.  

Here, you can Turn off user registration for this form because it is not a user registration form for WordPress.

After this, click on Save.

Form Details

7. To add fields to the form, hover over the card, and click on Fields. 

Fields Manager- contact form WordPress

8. On the following page, you would find the Email field by default. You can Add Field to this form from the given options. For instance, you can select a Text field. 

Add New Field- contact form WordPress

9. In the New Field Menu, the Field Type would automatically show Text. You just need to add a label to this field to proceed. For example, we have taken the First Name. 

` New Field Menu- contact form WordPress

Select various fields for your contact form

Tip: Ideally, your contact form should have the minimum number of fields to avoid the user from turning away. Therefore, you should not include more than 3 fields in your form. Also, remember to add a good CTA. Click here to know more about a killer contact form!  

10. You can also select a name for the action button. By default, it is set to Submit. But you can change it. 

contact form WordPress

11. The final step is to add this form to your WordPress website. For this, you just have to create a post, choose to Add Form from the drop-down menu and paste the contact form code 

The contact form code would appear on your screen when you click on the contact form card.  

Summing Up  

With WordPress, we have the capability of adding new functionalities to our site. It is not hard to imagine how time-consuming and challenging it would be to include all these features manually. Isn’t it? 

RegistrationMagic is one such valuable popup contact form WordPress plugins. It has multiple features such as easy contact form email setup, contact form with file upload, contact form widgets, and much more that surpass other plugins like contact Form 7 for WordPress.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out the above steps and install RegistrationMagic now. Utilize this WP registration plugin to set up contact forms on WordPress. In case you face any issue, you know you can always contact us. Just drop a comment below and we would contact you at the earliest. Also, check out our blog on how RegistrationMagic is killing other WordPress contact forms!

WordPress Contact Form Killer

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    Can I add a whole new table of survey results to a user database?

    I am in the planning phase of a wordpress site. I will be using plug -ins for video chat and user registration. I also need to do surveys, which means I will need whole new tables to track results. Do I need a separate database plug-in…. or might I be so fortunate as to find a user registration plug-in which comes with the capability to add relational tables to link to the user table?

    1. Reply

      This can be accomplished with RegistrationMagic, which has attachment manager, user submission manager – easy to track user data.

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