Top 11 WordPress Themes For Retail Business (Free and Premium)

Retail Businesses have seen a rise in these past few months. Due to this rise, website owners have been more specific about the aesthetic and appearance of the websites. On that note, let’s look into some beautiful WordPress themes for retail business.

We are dwelling in a very stressful time at present. While a deadly pandemic severely hit the world, our daily routines seem to have no “stop” button.

In fact, all of this has been possible because of enormous online platforms. Thus, with such a large mass working from home, the retail businesses, as stated, have taken a major leap.



How Do Themes Effect A Website?

Since the physical stores have not been effectively functional throughout the pandemic, the online retail businesses have seen a rise.

Their retail sales have seen an increase from 16% to 19% in a single year.

Everyone has set up their own websites, from the biggest global retail markets to the smallest local businesses. These websites are made in such a way that the pages are fast, responsive, and user-friendly.

A lot of this responsiveness of the website comes from the type of theme it has. When a theme is appealing and in unity with the website, it attracts visitors.

The appearance or the user interface of a website is a vital part of online retail business websites. Ideally, the theme of a website should blend in with the type of products a company sells.  

However, those developing websites and running these online businesses know how cumbersome finding a relevant theme can be.

But, when there’s a problem, solutions follow. We have listed a few themes for WordPress websites that will help you enhance the design and quality.

Here are some of the best retail WordPress themes


1. FBizz Consult Lite: One-Stop Solution Of WordPress Themes For Retail Business


FBizz Consult Lite is one of the best WordPress themes with a holistic design approach. It is the most trending and active theme for the websites of many retail business companies.

Available in free and premium versions, this theme is compatible with all browsers.

While this theme is used for various online stores, its functionality is the most commonly found feature that makes it worthy of being one of the top WordPress retail themes. Retail websites that are fast and responsive attract more visitors.

A few details about the retail theme

  • Slider option
  • Advanced search
  • add-to-cart options
  • Free icon fonts
  • Vertical menu options
  • Customizable plugins
  • Easy translations


This SEO-friendly theme is definitely for those website owners who believe in promoting their business through high-quality graphics.

Try Fbizz for free

2. Gutenshop


One of the vibrant themes by Superbthemes, this attractive-looking layout enables you to create your own landing pages for specific products or a set of products.

The theme allows you to customize the page into grids and showcase your products on the front page.

The versatile layout is suitable for all kinds of businesses. Starting from online shopping stores to electronic stores, this layout is preferable for all the online retail businesses you can think of.

The Gutenshop theme provides a keen color scheme of the layout to emphasize the products.

It has some more features that are essential for a WordPress website, such as:

  • Easy usability
  • Customizable features
  • Wide range of layouts
  • Elegant designs
  • Color schemes
  • Product view layouts
  • Customizable grids


For one thing that we are sure about, this theme can be used for personal and business purposes. Having such a theme indeed can increase your website’s aesthetic approach.

Try Gutenshop for free


3. FlatFolio


Best corporate WordPress themes

Designs and style preferences differ from one person to another. In the meantime, the theme of the website should also be as per its purpose. Hence, FlatFolio is a perfect theme store for those who like to keep it minimal.

Various websites use this WordPress theme for retail stores to create a warm hue of pastel color tones.

Since it is compatible with HTML5, it can also be used for personal blogs and professional sites.

Furthermore, the additional features and shortcodes provided with this responsive theme would be beneficial for your website.

Some more features that are very useful about this theme are:

  • Drag and drop options
  • Customizable designs
  • Supports every media
  • Free tech support
  • SEO codes available
  • Advanced typing options
  • Media slideshows


This theme seems to be more centric towards the modern-day audience who want their website to be all about perfection and warmth.

The theme also has an advanced version using which you can create unlimited portfolios.

Try FlatFolio for free


4. Barton


Adding on to our list of yet another retail theme is BARTON. The theme is very similar to FlatFolio. This fully responsive theme is compatible with all devices.

This theme allows you to have a one, two, or three-column layout for your website with commendable usage flexibility. It can also feature any social media post on one of the social widgets.

In addition to this, the theme has unlimited color schemes to choose from. It is also compatible with LTK and ShopStyle widgets.

Some more features of this theme are:

  • CSS3 and JQuery animations
  • User-Centric plugins
  • Add-ons
  • Revolution slider
  • Improved usability
  • Typography options
  • Retina ready
  • Free Pinterest hover button
  • SEO friendly
  • Disqus compatible
  • Site favicon enabled


Hence, for those website owners whose marketing is based on posts and precise captions, this is the theme for you.

Try Barton for free


5. Union


You must have found yourself searching for online retail themes randomly sometimes. Little did you know about the Union theme that has a versatile layout.

This modern and clean website provides unlimited portfolio pages. The Union theme is one of the most efficient retail themes because it is coded in HTML5.

It is one of the best WordPress themes for retail business and is perfect for supermarkets running online websites.

Moving on to describing the features of the theme:

  • Special grid pattern
  • High pixeled bootstrap
  • Device compatibility
  • User-centric
  • Easy layout
  • Supports all media
  • Backend color picker
  • SEO-centric
  • Lifetime portfolio on a premium plan
  • Extensive documentation


It goes without a doubt that this is a hassle-free theme. From being user-friendly to providing a holistic idea about the website, this theme aces the job at it.

Try Union for free


6. Buran


Buran is one of the best and most responsive premium WordPress themes for retail businesses. What makes it the best WordPress theme for retail stores is its varied templates.

It has a wide range of color schemes and minimal designs. This theme gives a very wholesome and appealing look to a business website.

The features of this theme are quite similar to the others listed in this article.

They are:

  • Simple and powerful designs
  • Responsive designs
  • User-centric templates
  • Fast operations
  • Various color options


For a theme this flexible, the aesthetic view of a retail business website indeed increases ten folds.

Try Buran for free


7. Retail


This theme is meant to be focused on the retail business.  The overall design and support for various useful plugins make it a steal deal.

The layout of the theme is very organized, which makes usability easier for you. It also supports WooCommerce.

It has a 12 grid layout structure to make the webpage look uncluttered. From sectioning the plugins to viewing the products, everything is available within a click.

An auto-updating wish cart is also available in this theme.  The motto that surrounds this theme is to develop and increase sales for a retail website.

Some of the excellent features of this retail theme are:

  • Horizontal Product Filter
  • Sticky add-to-cart panel
  • Modern design
  • Support panel on the header
  • Wishlist
  • Icon auto-update
  • Compatible with page builders
  • Compatible with WPML
  • Continuous updates


Hence, this is definitely the theme for all the website owners who believe in having a well-placed and structured website.

Try Retail for free

8. eCommerce Zone


Retail businesses don’t have just one aspect to it. They can be anything that can be sold in cyberspace.  Hence, when the retailers search for retail themes online, you might as well suggest Ecommerce Zone.

This theme can be used to design all types of websites for e-commerce. This theme can be utilized for all such websites, from websites for home appliances to fashion brands and organic food.

Furthermore, these free WordPress theme has a very responsive design that can run on any device without hassle.

Some essential features surrounding this theme are:

  • Bootstrap framework
  • Very responsive design
  • Multi-purpose and sophisticated design
  • SEO friendly layout
  • Supports RTL language
  • Easy translation
  • Modern, cross-browser compatibility
  • Enables shortcode themes
  • Retina ready design
  • Faster loading time


This theme is bound to build your credibility among other retail websites. The interactive layout is something that will keep the visitors at ease while shopping.

Try eCommerce Zone for free

9.  Flourish Lite


All this while we have stated about the most versatile website themes whose usability are very flexible. Contrary to all those, Flourish Lite is a theme that would be ideal for the furniture retail website.

This is one of the free WordPress themes for a retail business that can be used for furniture retail websites and multiple-purpose websites.

However, its color schemes and overall design is best suited for only particular business types.

Having several features to support a user-friendly website, this theme is coded using modern programming tools.

Features of this theme include:

  • Responsive design
  • Various browsers compatibility
  • SEO friendly
  • Multipurpose and elite layout
  • Supports additional plugins
  • Multiple viewing options
  • Faster page loading
  • User-centric
  • Retina ready design
  • Full-width header
  • Page builder compatibility
  • Custom widgets for footer layout


For all the furniture retailers who want an aesthetic website, this theme would gel with their taste with all perfection.

Try Flourish Lite for free

10. VW Ecommerce


VW Ecommerce is known for its feature-rich layout. This translation-ready website allows you to customize the layout. With easy accessibility and user-centric design, this theme can increase your website traffic because of its aesthetics.

Known for its multipurpose uses and vibrant color schemes, this retail theme comes with WooCommerce variation swatches

This free WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce and has a straightforward layout.

Some of its essential features:

  • Handy bars
  • Full-width pages
  • Professional design
  • Attractive layout
  • SEO friendly
  • Customizer tools
  • Auto-update features
  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Social medial links
  • Slider settings
  • Supports third party plugin
  • Secure browsing


This theme is very suitable for retail business owners running their own chains.

A one-stop solution to sell all kinds of products with a gentle web layout.

Try VW Ecommerce for free

11. Hello Elementor


Many websites nowadays are very feature-centric. Their monopoly of sales lies within these features. Hello Elementor is one of such WordPress themes for retail businesses that allows a website owner to add advanced features.

In addition to this, the theme has full-width templates to make usability better. Furthermore, the theme is available in a free as well as a premium version.

Hello Elementor is also compatible with many WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce.

Not only this, but their home page is fully customizable and easy to use.

This theme has some essential features, such as:

  • Parallax image for background
  • Customer review section
  • SEO friendly
  • User-centric
  • Integrated with “Font Awesome” icon
  • Supports RTL language
  • Easy translation
  • Slider options
  • Improved shortcodes
  • Better functionality


Hence, this theme is appropriate for those website owners who would love to have a flexible theme with good functionality.

Try Hello Elementor for free


To Sum Up the WordPress Themes for Retail Business

These are some of the majorly used WordPress themes for online business and marketplace. Each of them has its unique style and is designed with utter grace.

Along with these themes and good plugins, running quizzes have also shown some engagement and growth in the online retail businesses. Try out some WordPress quiz plugins as well.

Hence in conclusion to the designs discussed above, the features of all the themes are user-centric.

Lastly, these themes allow the users to add extra plugins and posts without thinking twice about the storage space.

Latest coding tools are used to design these website themes. This gives them a strong edge over the older ones that were pretty chaotic to use.

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