Travel Themes for WordPress Websites (Top Rated Themes)

travel themes for wordpress website


When choosing a travel theme for WordPress websites you often look for designs that would attract more visitors. Furthermore, you think about which version of the theme to choose, free or premium, what features will the theme have.

While these are some really sensible questions, you might as well go through the themes listed in this article to make an informed decision


Why is having an efficient theme important for a website?


  • Compatibility

When you have a website, your first thought goes towards the compatibility of a theme in different devices. There are themes that do not work efficiently in many devices, whereas, there are themes that work well with every device.

In such a situation, your priority will go towards the themes that are easily compatible on all devices. Therefore having a theme that has multi-device compatibility is important.


  • Support

Themes that do not provide good support are basically of no use. Therefore, having a theme that has good support enables the users to have hassle-free browsing.


  • Seo-Friendliness

The internet runs on SEO optimization. Anything on the internet that does not compete for a good SEO ranking can never top the browsing charts. Hence a theme that is SEO friendly helps to keep your website amongst the top searches.


  • Modern Features

As time changes, new features and updates are created and the older ones become obsolete with time. Hence it is extremely necessary that a theme is updated timely so that its performance does not get hampered.


  • Simplicity in Complexity

Creating plugins and themes and coding them with utter cleanliness is indeed a complex task. However, what matters the most in a theme is how easily does it serve itself on a user’s plate.

A simple theme with a highly clean-coded backend interface tops in the market. And to have such a theme for your website is a boon.


  • Timely updates

A theme that reminds you of timely updates, just like our mobile device software is a plus point. There are themes that do not send timely updates and hence become obsolete. But the themes listed here either auto-updates themselves or will definitely send timely reminders.

Therefore, we have listed some themes for travel websites that have the most efficient features and support a wide range of plugins.


What are the Best WordPress themes for travel websites? 

best theme for travel website


Travel Ace

Equipped with the latest WordPress technology, this travel theme is one of the best WordPress themes for travel blogging sites.

The theme is very responsive and hence is compatible on all devices. It is one of the free WordPress themes for travel websites that has a few predefined layouts.

Moreover, it comes with a few integrated plugins that fulfill most of the feature’s requirements.

This theme would be a perfect fit whether you are a tour operator, a travel blogger, or running a travel agency, especially for websites whose sole purpose is to create travel infomercials. 


Some essential features of this free travel theme:

  • Contact info on the header
  • Website icon on the header
  • Sectioned pages
  • Responsive theme
  • Easy to understand 
  • User-centric
  • Slider section featuring


However, for a premium theme, the features are a bit more advanced:

  • Section for call-to-action
  • “Best tours” section
  • Links for the blogs
  • Colour Options
  • Layout options
  • Footer controls
  • Enable header and footer images


Why choose this travel theme? 

To start by stating the obvious, this WordPress travel theme has a very structured layout. The layout enables their website visitors to gain a hassle-free experience while surfing on their pages. 

Secondly, the layout is very responsive and compatible with all browsers. This makes a visitor’s work rather easy. They can connect to the website from anywhere and from any device

Furthermore, the theme comes in 2 flavors free and Premium. This allows users to try the free version and then decide whether to upgrade the theme to the premium version for added functionalities. 

Try Travel Ace for Free!


Travel Escape

This is one of the most elegant travel themes for travel agencies, hotels, travel bloggers, and websites. Travel Escape is a very responsive theme that contains the most user-friendly option panels. 

It is a free theme that enables the user to customize and configure the layout as per their taste. It is very compatible with WordPress travel plugins. 

An easy-to-use theme equipped with customizable API, the layout is compatible with all the browsers.

Managing the bookings website with the help of WordPress and various other plugins makes the bookings and payments easier for both ends as they provide a lot of flexibility. 

Here are some features that surround this theme:

  • Showcase layout
  • The icon on the website header
  • Drag and drop option
  • Responsive theme
  • Easy to understand 
  • User-centric
  • Compatible with all browsers and devices
  • Customizable color schemes
  • Optimized speed
  • Supports translation plugins
  • Power search
  • Integrated page builders

The premium theme comes with a different theme name and a different layout. Three of its most popular theme versions are Travelore, Photo Journal, and Travel Base. These themes have more advanced features.

Some of them are: 

  • High-resolution photographs
  • Photo slider option
  • Contact options
  • Customizable color schemes
  • Different layouts
  • Webmaster tools
  • Custom Widgets


Why choose this travel theme?

Along with a well-designed layout, this theme is speedy and responsive. The customizable layout and smart plugins make the process of browsing easier. 

Moreover, this WordPress theme for travel sites enables the users to integrate the functionality and usability of their site. 

The free version of the theme is so self-sufficient that it has set the bar high for other free themes. 

Try Travel Escape Pro for Free!


Travel Nomad

Just like the name suggests, this travel theme for WordPress is multipurpose and can be used for all sorts of travel websites. Depicting its beauty in all forms, this theme can be utilized for food blogs and other websites. 

Not only this, but this is one of the most communicative WordPress themes for travel sites.

It has a column where customers can share their travel experiences. It allows the essential page builders and additional plugins.

Along with a customizable layout, the theme enables newsletter integration. 

More features that this theme carries are

  • Compatible on every device
  • Custom blogs and layout
  • Templates have full width
  • Responsive theme
  • CTA banner
  • User-centric
  • Optimized speed
  • WooCommerce compatible

This child theme by blossom Travel is one of the most aesthetic and one of the best free WordPress theme for travel websites. Likewise, the premium version has some advanced perks too. 

Here is a list of perks the premium version of the theme provides,

  • Six header layouts 
  • Unlimited “featured” box
  • Five banner slider layout
  • Six single post layout
  • Five blog page layout
  • Unlimited sidebar options
  • 63 unique theme patterns


Why choose this travel theme?

Travel themes for websites are nothing if not creative. However, when this theme comes into consideration, no other layout would stand a chance against its communicative style.   

The next best thing that the customers liked about the theme is its compatibility with various translation tools. Companies that function globally know how vital it is to reach their audience.

To convey every information with ease, languages play a very cardinal role. 

Furthermore, The theme has sticky widgets and floating menus that help the website visitors search for their needful in just a click

Try Travel Nomad for Free!


Yala Travel

Not all travel websites promote luxury holidays, do they? Some websites create travel plans that would keep people more close to nature. With this in mind, Yala travel, a WooCommerce based theme, promotes hiking and trekking.

This premium travel theme for WordPress consists of various organized sections for different categories. It enables Elementor drag and drop features.

This theme can have additional plugins to make the search process easier by making the site aesthetic and organized.

This multi-purpose theme can be used for travel agency websites, travel blogs, newsletters, and much more. Along with these, the theme has various other features.

The essential features of this travel theme are: 

  • Contact info on the header
  • Website icon on the header
  • Sectioned pages
  • Responsive theme
  • Easy to understand 
  • User-centric
  • Slider section featuring
  • Different layout options

The premium theme has some more essential features. These features enable the website to be more functional and increase its usability.

To list a few of them, the features are,

  • Different color schemes
  • slider bar available
  • Additional plugins
  • Customizable layout
  • Destination section
  • Section for blog
  • Banner and service section


Why choose this travel theme?

This WooCommerce based theme is easy to use and is extremely user-friendly. It allows the website to post high-quality pictures on the feature box

Moving on, The layout is customizable, responsive and compatible on all browsers. It can be accessed using any browser on any device. 

The premium WordPress theme is coded using modern programming tools.

This makes the usability and functionality of the theme much more advanced. The website also enables sending out newsletters to the visitors and builds more connections.

Try Yala Travel for Free!



This free travel magazine WordPress theme is known for acing its functionality. It is a well-established fact that the travel agency and travel magazine sites have heavy visitor traffic.

To make a website function amidst the traffic, this theme tops the chart. As intriguing as its speed sounds, the theme allows launching a website rather quickly.

With power-packed features and many useful widgets, it is most suitable for demanding users.

The theme is perfect to showcase the user’s elegance and creativity.

The structured layouts and widgets make the website easier for the users to understand. Your website would definitely keep the visitors engaged through the fonts and the text layouts.

Some essential features surrounding this WordPress travel theme are:

  • Responsive design
  • Theme options
  • Dropdown menu
  • Slider for featured posts
  • Easy to use
  • User-centric
  • Thumbnails on posts
  • Portfolio Designs

Like always, this theme too has both premium and free versions. The customers can choose between whichever version is needed for their website, depending on the demand. The premium theme, however, has a little more advantageous features.

Some features are:

  • Advanced theme options
  • Webmaster tools
  • Hero Content space
  • Testimonials
  • Advanced Layouts
  • Footer controls
  • Custom CSS


Why choose this travel theme?

Customers choose this theme mainly because of its high functionality. It is coded using WordPress Standard Code, which means that the theme is extremely safe and secure to be used.

The next best feature of this theme is that it is compatible with social media sites. This helps the website owner to promote their travel agency and blogs on social media platforms.

Given the impact of these networking sites worldwide, the promotion can increase website traffic by ten folds.

Try Travelore for Free!



This is the best premium WordPress theme to create a perfect ambiance for your tours and travel website. The integrated booking functionality and easy payment options make this theme very preferable.

When a customer visits a website, the page’s speed and the theme are what attract them. If you have these two essential features, the ball is in your court.

However, this doesn’t stop here.

Usability and functionality are vital for a website too. Therefore, this theme would enable you to show the technical features and the page layout at the same time.

What’s more interesting about the theme is that it has modern gallery box layouts. Hence use this layout can be used to showcase all the destinations.

The essential features of this travel theme are:

  • Extensive interface
  • Parallax sections
  • Responsive theme
  • Easy to understand 
  • User-centric
  • Slider section 
  • Login widget
  • Ajax page transitions
  • Social media widgets


Why choose this travel theme?

This user-centric premium theme has everything that your website needs. The advanced features of this theme, such as shortcodes for pricing tables, animations, infoboxes, and video banners, are commendable.

The theme also has a feature for a smooth transition between different pages. For easy translations, the theme is equipped with a WMPL plugin. A drop-down shop cart widget along with Twitter and Instagram widget makes the theme even more usable.

Along with the custom post formats, this theme also supports modern WordPress technology.

Try Voyage for Free!


A minimal travel theme with an aesthetic ambiance would be the perfect words to describe this WordPress travel theme.

This flexible design enables a user to create their own travel blog ecosystem with one single theme. This theme is basically inclined towards blog-centric features.

However, it can be very well used by travel agencies too.

The lightweight theme is made to be SEO-friendly over time. The theme also has auto-update features that install the new and updated features without letting the owner hassle.

Many features and plugin support is available within this theme to run successfully on all devices,

let us look into the essential ones here:

  • Feature post box
  • Additional plugins can be added
  • Use-centric
  • SEO friendly
  • Free fonts available on google
  • Multipurpose theme
  • Direct links
  • Easy payment and booking interface

The free version of this theme is, without a doubt, very self-sufficient in itself. However, if someone wants to avail its premium version, then the features get a bit more advanced.

To list a few of them, the features are,

  • Post thumbnails
  • Guest comments
  • fast functionality
  • Extra space


Why choose this travel theme?

The latest versions of Travelingist have been updated to be faster and function smoothly. The SEO-friendly theme helps website owners to compete with peer travel agencies.

The Theme has an increased space capacity to fit large-sized blogs and widgets.

The versions are fast, consume less storage space, and have increased functionality. The use of additional plugins has unfolded the usability of the website a bit more advanced.

The premium version has enabled more theme options from which one can choose.

High-quality content can be stored in the blog sections of this theme. The overall ambiance of the theme is very soothing, making the reader comfortable in using the website for a longer time span.

Try  Travelingist For Free!


Backpack Traveler

The theme has a very soothing effect on your eyes. It has a pink hue on its background with every possible widget available on the screen.

The theme can easily be integrated with Google maps. To create a wholesome experience for your site’s visitors, this theme contains various widgets

Every service a customer needs are just one click away from this theme. This is one of the fastest premium themes that are compatible with all browsers.

With various styles and layouts available for the theme, this would be perfect for any travel blogger who loves minimal designs.

Here are some more features this theme has,

  • Responsive
  • Destination post section
  • Inner pages
  • Twitter widget
  • Social icon widget
  • Parallax sections
  • Side area
  • Team shortcode
  • Bottom header
  • Easy translation

Since this is a premium theme, these are the advanced features available.


Why choose this travel theme?

There are many reasons why you should choose this theme. Starting with its customizable footer layout and a child theme. The theme is compatible with Contact form 7 and can run on all browsers.

It has a text marquee shortcode.

The premium theme is retina-ready and has an Instagram widget. With a smooth scrolling feature, you can choose among 7 font icons.

The grid size is customizable, and the theme has a separate footer area. The page builder used for this theme is WPBakery for WordPress.

Try Backpack Traveler Free!


Zion Blog- Premium

This is one of the most elegant blog themes. The free version of the theme has all the basic features needed to build a website with initial traffic.

However, the premium version of the theme has rather advanced features that can make your website look elite. The creative banners that the site users are very clean and organized.

They are customizable, and the blog supports all media formats. So if you want to showcase your posts through videos, that would not be a problem.

Apart from these, the WordPress travel theme is extremely suitable for building online magazines and blogs.

However, the theme is very flexible and can be used for other business websites too.

Some essential features of this travel theme are:

  • Recent post widget
  • Money back policy
  • Newsletter integration
  • Theme Colour
  • One-click import
  • Social-links Integration
  • Category widgets
  • Custom posts
  • Priority support
  • Related posts
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Unlimited updates

These were some features that only the premium version of this theme has.


Why choose this travel theme?

A theme that brings out the artistic touch of a website. Furthermore, the theme has many benefits, such as a responsive design. The theme allows many additional plugins and is integrated with newsletters and custom widgets.

The one-click demo import is available both for the premium as well as the free version. The theme colors and the overall layout can be customized. Along with the newsletter pop-ups, the premium version allows a contact pop-up too.

Along with these, the theme has a dark/light switch mode. With more integrated features, this user-centric theme can be embellished as per your choice.

Try Zion Blog for Free!


Best Plugins For Travel Themes For WordPress

Getting a theme for your website does not end your website-building journey here. A theme might be responsive and compatible, but everything will turn null and void without apt plugins. 

So, before we start to list some useful plugins for your WordPress travel theme, let us get a quick idea about what plugins are. Putting it all in simple words, plugins are the software that increases the functionality of your website’s theme.

Plugins make it easier for you to add more features to your website. 

However, to cut a long story short, these are of utter advantage to your website because adding features will not feel like rocket science. All you have to do is insert some plugins, and the website is good to go. 


Moving on, here is a list of some plugins that could be of help for your travel website,


These are some useful plugins that you might consider for your website. 


Free or Premium- Which Subscription to Choose?

Whoever builds their websites find themselves in a constant conflict between choosing a free and a premium theme. Adding on to this comes the doubt about a theme being efficient enough to be purchased. 

Likewise, the free subscriptions to some of the best WordPress themes for travel blogs do not let users avail themselves of all its features.

However, there is a solution to this dilemma. 

When you choose a theme for your website, firstly, start by looking at its live demo. If the features, plugins, and the overall theme suits your liking, proceed by trying out a free subscription sometime. 

The next step would be to avail a premium version of the theme. Now, the advantage of a premium theme is that a WordPress travel theme can be used to its full capacity. 

Therefore, take one step at a time and make an informed decision. 


Each one of us has a different taste when it comes to webpage layouts.

While some of us might want more vibrant tones and hues, some might like light and pastel. Whatever be the WordPress travel theme, as long as they are increasing the website traffic, they are good to go.

However, putting keen attention to the details and features of the theme is the master plan to create a holistic website for your travel agency.

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