How to add User Registration Form on WordPress – Complete Guide!

What is User Registration on WordPress website?

User registration is adding and allowing users on your WordPress websites to add posts, comments, and carry out other activities.

Now, there will be a lot of questions in your mind like, how do I register a user on a website? How do I allow users to register on WordPress? Likewise, how do I enable user registration in WordPress? Or How do I create a registration form for my website? How do I create a login and registration for my website? How can I improve my registration process? Also, how do I customize my registration form in WordPress?

This guide will show you how to enable user registration in WordPress website and also try to answer most of the questions related to it.

How do I register a user on a website?/ How do I allow users to register on WordPress?

The answer to both these questions is the same, a WordPress user registration plugin. You can register users on your WordPress website easily using a WordPress user registration plugin like RegistrationMagic. It is the best WordPress custom registration form plugin or a registration plugin in WordPress.

How do I create a login and registration for my website?

The best way to create a login and registration for your website is to use a free WordPress registration form plugin along with a WordPress user profile plugin. With both the plugins you can allow your users to first register to your website and then have their own login for a user account. Let’s hop on to your next question, “How can I improve my registration process?”

How can I improve my registration process?

Experts suggest using custom fields on your WordPress custom registration form.  Using custom fields on your registration form adds a personal touch. Apart from that not using unnecessary fields and not using fields that are time taking also improves the registration process. Also, a free WordPress registration form plugin that allows you to add extra fields to WordPress registration plugin forms can be a great boon!

You have created the perfect website for your users, added every feature, including a WordPress registration form, and implemented enhanced functionalities.

Now, what can you do to make the registration page on WordPress even better?

Is there a cost-effective way of creating a registration form on WordPress?

There’s one solution for every question: RegistrationMagic user registration plugin for WordPress.


RegistrationMagic is a WordPress user registration plugin, which has an array of in-built features. You can create multiple types of forms and use them on your website to improve user engagement. Not only custom registration form in WordPress but also payment forms, sign-up forms, and subscription forms can be created with RegistrationMagic. RegistrationMagic is the best user login and registration plugin in WordPress and a one spot solution for all types of forms. Checkout how RegistrationMagic is putting other old and boring WordPress form plugins out of business!

Below we have discussed the RegistrationMagic plugin in detail.

Features of RegistrationMagic plugin

Here are some features of RegistrationMagic, which can help you make a responsive and feasible registration form with payment.

  • You can make as many custom registration forms on WordPress as you want.
  • It is possible to analyze these sign-up forms on WordPress through graphs and tables.
  • You can control the features of this registration page on WP. For example, adding an OTP login.
  • It has responsive CSS 3 properties, which allows every device to access the registration form on WordPress sites.
  • This WP registration plugin offers the feature to add custom fields in the form.
  • You can also set up payment on these forms to provide your users with a hassle-free shopping experience.

How do I create a registration form for my website?

These are some of the Simple Steps to create user registration form in WordPress website. 

Try RegistrationMagic Free

To start using RegistrationMagic for creating a custom user registration form for WordPress website, you need to install the plugin first. Below is the stepwise process to set up a WordPress user registration form.

  1. Visit your Admin Panel, log in with your credentials, and click on Plugins.

Add Plugin

2. On the Plugins page, click on Add New to add RegistrationMagic plugin to your WordPress website.

Add New Plugin3. On the following page, simply search for RegistrationMagic plugin and install it on your WordPress website.

This will only take a few seconds.Install Registration Magic4. Once you have installed the RegistrationMagic plugin, you will find it in your options on the left. Clicking on it will take you to the All Forms page.

Open Registration Magic

5. The All Forms page is where we will create new forms; as many as you want.

Now that your question, “How do I create a registration form for my website?” is clear, let’s move to your next question, “How do I customize my registration form in WordPress?”

How do I create a custom user registration form on a WordPress website?

6. To design a WordPress custom registration form, you have to click the New Form button on the All Forms page.

Add New Form

7. A window will pop up. Here, you have to add the name of the form. For example, we are keeping the name as User Registration.

New Form NameNote: You don’t need to select the option to Turn off user registration for this form. This is when you have a separate registration form and you don’t want the user to sign up again and again.

8. Once the WordPress custom user registration form is created, hover over the form and click on Fields to add fields and change settings.


Fields Manager

9. You will already find the Username, Password, and Email field in the form. By default, this is the basic registration form, which is why these fields are already present.

Form Fields- Registration form WordPress

How do I customize my registration form in WordPress?

Since the default form is very basic and you need to add some more fields, simply follow the below steps to customize the registration form.

1. You can Add New field from the menu and customize your registration form on WordPress.

Add New Field

You get various options. Select one to add the field.

2. For example, if you click on Text, here’s how your field settings will look.

Fields Page- Registration form WordPress

3. Add details and click on Save to add the field.

Field Details- Registration form WordPress

Similarly, you can add extra fields to WordPress registration plugin fields and even change the Submit button handle.

Finished creating WordPress user registration form?

How to publish the custom user registration form? 

You can publish the form by including the shortcode from the created form to the Add New Post.

Here’s how you can get the shortcode:

Just hover over the form.User Registration- Registration form WordPress

Here’s how you can make a custom WordPress registration page to publish the form:

Add New post and paste the shortcode.

Registration Form WordPress- Registration form WordPress

Now that you know how to create a custom WordPress registration page, let’s move on to a WordPress custom user registration form.

Checking your WordPress custom user registration form. 

To check the details of your form, you can visit the Dashboard. Here, you can check a lot of things related to your form.

Dashboard Details- Registration form WordPress

  • Submission details
  • Status of the form
  • Stats
  • Toggle settings, such as WP registration



WordPress user registration form is an important feature of your website. You should have a seamless, simple form to allow your users to register on your blog or website. However, this doesn’t indicate that you need to go through a lot of hassle to implement this custom user registration form on WordPress. Also, you can use the WordPress custom registration form plugin- RegistrationMagic. It’s a free WordPress registration form plugin, and also the best user registration plugin for WordPress, as it helps you create user registration form in WordPress quickly. Explore the above features and start creating a registration form on WordPress. If you face any issue related to the WordPress registration forms, reach out to us. We will help you resolve the issue.

Try RegistrationMagic Free

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    I am looking for a way to collect the following data to allow access to certain content: Name (full or first), Email and country of residence. I want this form to register the user without assigning a password and without the need for the user to sign in. The user should acquire the default WP role, in my case “Subscriber”. I then allow access to the content through a restriction by role plugin. This way, subscribers can view the details of the restricted content which is a business directory without the need of signing in, while business owners are asked to register and log in with the native WP method (required password), in order to be able to fill out the respective entry form. When logging in for the first time, they are assigned a new role or are changed to it, if they are already “Subscribers”. The new role is “Directory User” which allows them to create and edit their entries. Therefore, my question is: is there a way to create a form without a password requirement with “RegistrationMagic”? Thank you in advance.

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