How To Set Up WooCommerce Registration Form: An Easy Guide

There’s no doubt in the fact that WooCommerce is a blessing in disguise for e-commerce websites. You just need to purchase the plugin and install it on your WordPress to enjoy amazing features. However, when you have an e-commerce website, offering a seamless registration option is imperative. If your WooCommerce registration form is not up to the mark, or unresponsive, or messy, your users would get frustrated. They may leave the registration in between and visit another website to purchase similar products.

To avoid that from happening, you can use the WooCommerce registration plugin; RegistrationMagic.

Table of Content
  1. Features of RegistrationMagic Plugin
  2. Step by Step Guide
  3. Make Registration Form WooCommerce
  4. Integrate WooCommerce Registration Form
  5. Why You Should Use This Plugin?

The RegistrationMagic plugin is designed to help you create multiple forms; any type of website forms. You just have to install this free plugin to start creating forms. This WordPress registration plugin is one of the best registration plugins available in the market. It offers a one-stop solution for all types of forms. Check out how RegistrationMagic is killing other old registration form builders!

Below we have discussed how this plugin can help you enhance your WooCommerce registration page.

Features of RegistrationMagic Plugin

Here are some features WooCommerce custom registration fields plugin:

  • Create unique forms with the help of this plugin; including the WooCommerce register page.
  • Add custom fields to forms. You can configure it according to your requirements.
  • Use in-built tables and graphs to analyze your forms and the progress of the forms.
  • Control your WooCommerce registration captcha and forms fully.
  • Ensure responsiveness of forms through in-built CSS 3 support and properties.
  • Integrate payment functionality in your forms.
  • Visually edit forms and aesthetically design it as per your requirements.
  • Check the number of submissions and transactions on your form.


Step by Step Guide to Utilize WooCommerce User Registration Plugin

If you want to add a WooCommerce custom registration form, RegistrationMagic is a perfect choice.

Try RegistrationMagic Free

Here’s how you can install it:

  1. On your Admin Panel, you can find the Plugins tab on the left. Click on it to visit the Plugins page.

Add Plugin

2. On this page, select Add New to install the RegistrationMagic plugin.

New Plugin3. Now, you only need to search RegistrationMagic in the search tab and click on install to install the plugin.

Registration MagicOnce this process is completed, the plugin will be visible in your Admin Panel on the left menu.

Make Registration Form WooCommerce

4. To make the WooCommerce registration form, click on the RegistrationMagic plugin.

Plugin Page

5. You will be redirected to the All Forms page, where you need to click on New Form to add WooCommerce registration fields.

Add New Form6. In the new window, add an appropriate name for your registration form. For example, we have taken the WooCommerce Registration Form.

Registration Form NameSince this is a registration form, you can keep the Turn off user registration for this form field unchecked.

7. After creating the form, hover over the form to go to Fields.

Fields Manager

8. On the Fields Manager page, you can add multiple registration form fields according to your choice.

WooCommerce Registration Form9. If we click on the First Name field, here are the things that you need to fill.

New Field10. In this manner, add all the required fields to your WooCommerce registration form.

Integrate WooCommerce Registration Form

11. Once you have created the form, visit the Global Settings of RegistrationMagic.


12. On this page, find WooCommerce Integration.

WooCommerce Integration- WooCommerce Registration Form13. Click on it to integrate WooCommerce to a form.

Integrate WooCommerce- WooCommerce Registration Form14. Once you are on the WooCommerce Integration page, you can select the form you want to use as the registration form on your e-commerce website.

15. From the dropdown, choose the Default registration form.

Note: To enable this, you need to go to your WooCommerce Settings and disable Guest Checkout. Without this, RegistrationMagic form will not work on the website. You can also find a warning for the same on the WooCommerce Integration page.

16. Now, you can enable or disable Show Cart in MagicPopup option. This will help your users to access their cart in form of a popup, which appears on the top right of your website.

Select Options - WooCommerce Registration Form17. Lastly, with Enable Role Assignment, you can design custom roles. If this is not checked, WooCommerce roles will be used.

WooCommerce Registration Form18. That’s all! Save the details and use WooCommerce registration form on your website.

If you face any issue while updating the fields we have discussed above, simply click on the MORE option given on the right of every field. This will help you make a perfect form with the correct details.

Why You Should Use This WooCommerce Login And Registration Plugin?

If you have an e-commerce website, it is necessary to offer optimum functionalities to your users. The rising graph of e-commerce stores is also increasing competition in the market. To match the requirements of the industry, it is necessary to have a responsive and valuable WooCommerce registration form on your website. Hence, check the above features and create a WooCommerce user registration form for your website.

If you face any issue, contact us below for a quick resolution.

Try RegistrationMagic Free

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