Step 1: Installing Download Plugin

(Please skip to Step 2, if you already have installed our plugin.)

You can download the plugin from here –

Click the Download button, and it will start downloading the file via your browser. Once the download is complete, open your website’s Admin Dashboard and go to Plugins in the left menu. On Plugins page, click Add New button on top, just beside the Plugins title. This will open a new page with Upload Plugin button placed similarly. Clicking it will display a new file upload field down below.

Press Choose File and select on your hard disk.

Click Install Now. In a moment, a new page will appear:

Click on Activate Plugin. That’s it. You are all set now!

Step 2: Downloading Plugins

As you are already aware, you can use this tool to download your other plugins. We have kept the process pretty simple. To do this, you need to go to your website’s Admin Dashboard area and click Plugins link in the left menu. All your plugins, whether active or deactivated, are listed here inside a table. The view looks similar to this:

In the second column, plugin name appears in bold with a row of links below it. Active plugins will have Deactivate as the first link, while inactive plugins will have Active and Delete as first two links. Plugin developers have option to add more context specific links here, therefore you may see some other links under different plugins too. Our plugin adds a new Download link right at the end in green. You just have to click this download link to begin the download of zip file for that specific plugin. You can use this zip file to install it on another WordPress website or store on your hard disk as backup. The process of installing this zip package is same as outlined in Step 1.

We hope you will find it all simple and straightforward. If you still face any problems, feel free to to write to our support team here or in the comments section below.

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