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Being a blogger can be one of the most fun activities you can indulge in on the web. It allows you to share your thoughts with a wide range of audience globally and in turn receive feedback from all over the world. Some bloggers take this further than just a hobby and even monetize part of their blog content. If you think of yourself as a professional blogger, chances are that you are using WordPress to power your blog. So, wouldn’t you want to know how to use this amazing content management system to get the best value for your blog content?

It is easy to get into WordPress by setting up a basic blog site and start posting content in it. But quite difficult to actually take your content to the audience it is intended for. And even more difficult to register users on your blog who would like to pay to access your content. This can best be done by extending WordPress functionality using plugins. However, to know which plugins can actually help in reaching your goal is quite a tough question to answer.

In this article, we are going to take a look at three plugins that stand out at helping bloggers enhance the value of their content. These three plugins are…

  1. RegistrationMagic
  2. ProfileGrid
  3. EventPrime

Let us review each of them separately. And after that, we’ll see couple of examples of how their power can be enhanced even more when they work in tandem.

RegistrationMagic for Bloggers

RegistrationMagic is by far the best user registration plugin out there to get users to register on your site.

With the help of RegistrationMagic’s form fields and analytic tools, you can find out how many users are registering on your site, their locations, the time they took to sign up at your site, and so much more. There is complete documentation on RegistrationMagic’s website to give you detailed overview of its amazing tools.

ProfileGrid for Bloggers

ProfileGrid is probably the most effective plugin in this list for your blog. For the simple reason that it is a social platform plugin that allows you to create a user community on your WordPress website. This community can include other bloggers too who can create their own blog posts which will appear within their user profiles.

ProfileGrid’s free, as well as paid, extensions add more features to it. With its extensions, you can setup integrations with other popular plugins such as WooCommerce, bbPress, myCred, and a few others.

EventPrime for Bloggers

EventPrime is the latest event management plugin built by the RegistrationMagic plugin team and has been in active development for the past 12 months. While developing the plugin, the RegistrationMagic team has given considerable thoughts to the user interface and made it the most easy to use, beginner-friendly event plugin for WordPress right now.

Use Cases

1 – Register Readers for Your Blog Content

RegistrationMagic is the ideal plugin to register users for your WordPress blog. With RegistrationMagic, you can create user registration forms from scratch. Or you can take a form template from RegistrationMagic website and cut short any time you might require to setup a form from scratch.

You can create free as well as paid user registration forms with RegistrationMagic. To know more on paid user registration forms, check out RegistrationMagic’s payment guide.

2 – Make Your Audience Contact You

As with user registration forms, RegistrationMagic is also your ideal choice when it comes creating contact forms on your site. As a blogger, a contact form on your site is your most effective tool to get in touch with readers wanting to contact you personally. This can lead to more blogging opportunities such as knowing other fellow bloggers or readers contacting you on how you can make your content even better.

Letting such opportunities go waste is never a good idea. So just create a contact form with RegistrationMagic and never lose touch with your audience.

3 – Allow Access to Blog Content Only for Registered Users

With ProfileGrid’s content restriction features, you can allow access to select blog posts for only registered users. You can use RegistrationMagic’s powerful user registration tools to register users on your site and then restrict content using ProfileGrid.

This feature of ProfileGrid can help you setup your blog content to be accessible to only paying readers. Remember, with the help of RegistrationMagic, you can create paid user registration forms.

4 – Create Payment Form for Advertisers

Running a popular blog site opens up opportunities for you to turn it into an advertising platform as well. Advertisers would love to gain access to prime locations on your blog to place ads for their product or service. This’ll ensure their offerings get maximum attention from the popularity of your content.

However, you will need a way for them to pay you to place their ads on your blog. For this, you’ll need a payment form built with RegistrationMagic. RegistrationMagic doesn’t just offer standard payment forms, but it also offers intelligent forms that can remember a customer’s previously submitted form data to make the next submission much more easier.

5 – User Blog Posts

ProfileGrid is a social community plugin that allows creating User Blog Posts. ProfileGrid’s User Blog Posts differ from default WordPress blog posts as they display on a User’s ProfileGrid profile under the “Blog” profile tab. With ProfileGrid’s User Blog Posts, you can create a community of bloggers on your WordPress blog site. The “Blog” profile tab also allows a User to post new User Blog Posts right from their profiles by clicking on the “New Blog Post” button.

6 – User Group Wall Posts

Using ProfileGrid, you have the option to increase its functionality with its extensions. One of the most useful ProfileGrid extensions for bloggers is the “Group Wall” extension. “Group Wall” creates a wall for a User Group on which any User of that Group can post content. If one has posted some content on the Group Wall, then other users of the User Group can also comment on that post, leading to further interactions of Users with each other.

7 – Organize a Blogger Conference Event

EventPrime is your go-to plugin whenever you need to create and publish an event on your blog site. With EventPrime, you can create events with Performer(s), set an Event Site/Location for your event, and enable Bookings. If you want to organize multiple types of Events, you can make use of EventPrime’s Event Type feature to fully categorize them.

8 – Stage a Blogging Contest Event

With the great combination of EventPrime and RegistrationMagic, you can now stage blogging contests on your blog site. RegistrationMagic form payments will allow you to setup an entry fee for the contest as well. To do this, just create an event, as usual, using EventPrime. And then set its ‘Event Registration Form’ to the Competition Entry Form template. You will have to download this form template from RegistrationMagic site and upload to your RegistrationMagic installation.

Your blogging contest event is now ready to register its participants while you collect registration fee from them.

Final Words

Combining the functionalities of these plugins can have a slight learning curve to it. However, once you get the hang of it, the results can be marvelous, to say the least. Do let us know in the comments below how these plugins worked out for you, or if you have any specific questions about them. We are always happy to receive feedback!

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