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End your search as we have brought top 10 directory themes WordPress just for you! And each business directory theme is handpicked by our experts.

Your WP website performs at its best when it is developed using the right theme and plugin for WordPress. If you wish to run a successful directory website, you must consider a few efficient and user-friendly directory themes for WordPress.  Directory websites have to deal with a massive amount of data. These websites have a specific layout or features which help in the smooth functioning of the website. However, the more unique the website is, equally unique must be the job directory WordPress theme and it’s plugins!

Let’s dig deeper and clear some of the basic questions such as “How do I use a WordPress theme?” and “What is WordPress theme and plugin?” before we jump on to the list.

What is WordPress theme and plugin?

WordPress theme and plugin
WordPress theme and plugin

In simple words, WordPress themes are website templates that add features and functionalities to the over all look, feel and aesthetics of your WordPress website. Whereas, a WordPress plugin allows you add more functionalities to a theme or overall to the website. You can customize a theme and integrate as many plugins as you want for a feature-rich website. But, you can’t customize a plugin to change the look of a website. Now that you’re clear on what is WordPress theme and plugin, here are some of the best WordPress plugins that can enhance the functionalities of your best directory listing WordPress theme:

a) ProfileGrid: ProfileGrid is a dynamic membership and user profile plugin for WordPress that can help you add user profile, create membership, communities, groups and more on your WordPress website.

b) EventPrime: EventPrime is a event calendar WordPress plugin that has some striking features like seamless events calendar, you can create and manage events using this plugin.

c) RegistrationMagic: Using this ravishing WordPress form builder plugin, add functionalities such as creating any number of forms with multiple customizable fields on your WordPress website.

How do I use a WordPress theme?

WordPress Theme
WordPress Theme

To use a WordPress theme, you need to choose the best directory listing WordPress theme and download it. You can refer to the list of our handpicked service listing WordPress themes below. Once you have downloaded the business directory theme file, follow the below given path:

WordPress Dashboard>Appearances>Themes>Upload Theme>Activate

Once you have activated the theme, you can customize various elements of the theme and start using it on your WordPress website.

So let us understand different directory themes for WordPress, which you can use depending on your preferences. All these paid and best free WordPress directory themes or WordPress listing themes are engaging, attractive, easy to use:
  1. Neve Job Listing
  2. Javo
  3. Directory
  4. Listable
  5. SpotFinder
  6. Listify
  7. ListingPro
  8. Directory Pro
  9. Yellow Pages
  10. PointFinder


1. Neve Job Listing 

Securing the first place in our list of best directory listing themes is Neve Job Listing. This WordPress directory theme free offers total flexibility in development.  This customized WordPress directory listing theme is created specifically for job listing websites. Developers can use it for multiple purposes. Plus, Neve Job Listing offers drag and drops page builders and multiple customizable layouts. With responsive design, Elementor compatibility, and multi-purpose demo,  it is perfect for you if you prefer to have a few options in front of you before choosing the best one. The service listing WordPress theme certainly has a style.

Neve Job Listing - best listing theme WordPress
Neve Job Listing – best listing theme WordPress


2. Javo

Second in our list of the best paid and WordPress directory theme free is Javo. Here comes another attractive and modern age WordPress theme for your directory website.  The WordPress directory template comes with five demo options, multiple icons, images, easy mapping by categories,  and other features.  The WordPress listing theme has a customizable rating system, Google Maps, and front end forms. This fully responsive website is perfect for an online directory platform.

Jovo - best listing theme WordPress
Jovo – best listing theme WordPress


3. Directory

On the third place in our list of WordPress directory listing is Directory. ‘Directory’ is easy-to-install and simple to use WordPress theme.  This clean WordPress directory template comes with a full-width map header and makes content organization possible with comfort. If you are looking for an advanced search form, this option is perfect for you. A review system and customizable list come handy here. If you want to expect anything from the service listing WordPress theme, you can expect a dedicated mobile app view, Google Map, fonts, 20 + extensions, and an SEO friendly layout.

Directory - best directory website theme
Directory – best directory website theme


4. Listable

On the fourth position in our list of directory listing themes is Listable. This directory theme for WordPress works both for local and global directory sites.  With an attractive and modern layout, it becomes user-friendly. It also provides comfort to the users irrespective of the device they are using. In addition to the above features, this directory listing WordPress theme also offers an intuitive search form and lets you use video backgrounds. Overall, this is a good theme for a directory website. Moreover, do not forget the comfort of the drag and drop page builder and multiple styling options.

Listable - best directory website theme
Listable – best directory website theme


5. SpotFinder

SpotFinder is fifth in our list of best business directory WordPress themes. There are very few best WordPress directory themes that can be called beautiful.  Among all the directory themes for WordPress,  SpotFinder is a beautiful and clean and best directory theme with a modern appeal to it. In addition to being attractive, it also offers customization options so that the developer can mold the WordPress listing theme as per the preference.  Furthermore, the benefits of the service listing WordPress theme include ad banners, color customizer, user reviews, etc.

SpotFinder - directory & listing WordPress theme
SpotFinder – directory & listing WordPress theme

Try SpotFinder Demo


6. Listify

Securing the sixth position in our list of business listing WordPress themes is Listify. One of the user-friendly and colorful themes is Justify. Responsive design, advanced search forms, ad spaces, and an option to build a review system makes this directory wp theme perfect for you.  The WordPress listing theme also offers a full-screen layout. Moreover, the theme’s interface allows you to search for relevant information about specific topics without waiting. 

Listify - directory & listing WordPress theme
Listify – directory & listing WordPress theme

Try Listify Demo


7. ListingPro

ListingPro gets the seventh position in our list of best business listing WordPress themes. With an intuitive interface, the ListingPro WordPress theme focuses on the quality of the content. Plus, Listingpro WordPress theme offers two demo options; one is classic, and another is specifically for travel agencies. The classic demo is also customizable. The WordPress directory listing theme is easy to install and simple to operate. Additionally, users or viewers can be allowed to share their reviews. Like any other directory website, it provides maps, page builders, rating systems, management, etc. However, it also offers automatic open/closed status.

ListingPro - best free directory theme WordPress
ListingPro – best free directory theme WordPress

Try ListingPro Demo


8. Directory Pro

On the eighth position in our list of best WordPress directory theme free and paid is Directory Pro WordPress theme. Here is a WordPress theme for directories that comes with eight layout options and is professional, yet has a modern appeal. Catchy icons, maps, and a sidebar are given for each category. Overall, directory pro WordPress theme is user-friendly theme, that works in full flexibility and intuitiveness. Additionally, what makes it attractive is drag and drop page builder, SEO optimization, geolocation, etc.

Directory Pro - best free directory theme WordPress
Directory Pro – best free directory theme WordPress

Try Directory Pro Demo


9. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is ninth in our picks of best listing WordPress themes. You have heard of Yellow Pages. This best WordPress directory theme is the online version of an old classic, physical Yellow Pages. Though the look is simple, the WordPress directory listing theme runs with full functionality. The business directory WordPress theme offers a widgetized footer, recommendation block, and content organization. It also has a dedicated movie app view, ad banners, color customized, and a user dashboard. 

Yellow Pages - business directory WordPress theme
Yellow Pages – business directory WordPress theme

Try Yellow Pages Demo


10. PointFinder

Last but not the least, on the tenth position in our list of best listing WordPress themes is PointFinder. Do you know the definition of a good directory WordPress theme? A perfect theme will put all the data you need in one dashboard. Additionally, a perfect theme will allow the categorization of data to facilitate a smooth searching experience. PointFinder is one such theme that comes with an intuitive design and customizable item fields. Geolocation maps are integrated into the header of this service listing WordPress theme. Isn’t it great?

PointFinder - best business directory theme>
PointFinder – best business directory theme

Try PointFinder Demo


Directory website has to be responsive, user friendly, and easy to use. Additionally, it must make searching easy. All of the directory themes for WordPress that we have mentioned above have all the necessary features to make your directory website worthy. These SEO friendly themes are worth consideration.

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