Top 10 Religious Themes for WordPress [Expert’s Picks]

Your search for best WordPress religious themes is over!

If you are looking for some best WordPress religious themes, look no more. Our experts have handpicked some 0f the best premium and free religious WordPress themes for you! Not only that, our experts have answered all of your basic questions such as “How can I use Religion WordPress themes?” and “Which Churches WordPress themes are mobile-friendly?” Let’s get started!

How can I use Religion WordPress themes?

Businesses are not the only ones who understand the use of websites to connect with their customers. These days, religious centers such as churches, temples, and mosques also intend to spread their message among their followers through this platform.

Unlike the older times creating a religious website has now become much simpler due to the availability of several religious themes WordPress. Moreover, these, premium and free religious WordPress themes are created using avant-garde technology that let’s create a website that matches your expectation. Also, these WordPress themes for religious websites can be exceptionally useful and easy to use. 

To start with a WordPress religious theme the first thing you need a striking domain name and great hosting to host your WordPress website. SiteGround, BlueHost, and Inmotion are some of the best hosting sites. Among these, BlueHost and Inmotion also provide great domain names!

Expert recommended WordPress plugins for religious WordPress websites:

Once you’re done with hosting you’ll need a great set of plugins to accompany your theme and enhance the functionalities of your website. Here are some of the highly recommended WordPress plugins for WordPress religious themes:

a) ProfileGrid: This amazing user profile plugin will help you create user accounts for your followers.

b) EventPrime: EventPrime is a great events calendar plugin for WordPress. You can use this dynamic plugin to create and manage various religious events.

c) RegistrationMagic: Using this registration form WordPress plugin you can create contact forms, registration forms, forms with payment options for donations, and much more.

Now that you’re all set with great hosting, domain name, and a set of WordPress plugins, all you need is to choose the right WordPress religious theme from the list below and start using it. To do so, follow the below-given path:

WordPress Dashboard>Appearances>Themes>Upload Theme>Activate

Which Churches WordPress themes are mobile-friendly?

To answer your question we have handpicked some of the best premium and free church WordPress themes 2020. These themes come with several features that allow easy connectivity of the administrator and members. In addition to that, administrators can easily exchange views, messages, audios, make announcements, and seek donations. They even have separate sections for all of this, which makes it easier for someone with basic computer knowledge to operate the website. And be it any WordPress church themes free or premium, these features are a must.

Continuing on the subject, in this blog we discuss top religious themes WordPress that can help you create a religious website without much hassle. And all these picks are extremely mobile-friendly and can be used as biblical Christmas themes or church themes for the year 2020.

Here is the list of top 10 religious themes for WordPress:
  1. Masjida
  2. Tilak
  3. Churchvill
  4. Templezen
  5. Church Web Presence
  6. Salvation
  7. Saved
  8. VienasBel
  9. Maranatha
  10. My Religion


1. Masjida

Among the list of top free religious WordPress themes, Masjida is an extremely comprehensive Islamic theme that helps you easily create a detailed religious website. Whether you want to develop a website for an Islamic center or an Islamic shop, Masjida, a brand new WP theme, has got you covered. Not only that, but you can also install a demo version of this theme in the early stage of creating a website. Basically, it has all the primary and other additional features that help you create an engaging website. Some other reasons to choose this theme are listed below:

  • Well designed homepages
  • Easy to customize to match your style and expectation
  • Demo themes are available that one install with a single click
  • Every feature provided in the theme is 100% responsive
  • Easily adaptability for any mobile service
  • Sections included – donation portal, testimonials, events and blogs, seamless contact form, and Khoba portal.


Masjidha - WordPress religious theme
Masjidha – WordPress religious theme

Try Masjida Demo

2. Tilak

Tilak is another high-quality religious theme WordPress, created exclusively to cater to the followers of Hindu religion. Unlike the other ordinary ones, this theme through its spacious designs and numerous features lets you create a welcoming and user-friendly website for a Hindu temple. Moreover, you can save a lot of time by installing a demo version of this theme. Go through the points below to find out more about this theme:

  • Includes all necessary shortcodes and pages required to create a website
  • Easily customizable demo websites
  • Incorporates timeless and spacious designs along with the neutral color scheme
  • Consists of user-friendly features
  • The theme is packed with Revolution slider, WP bakery, and contact form7
Tilak - WordPress religious theme
Tilak – WordPress religious theme

Try Tilak Demo


3. Churchvill

Just like other religions, we also have one of the best premium or free church WordPress themes 2020 such as Churchvill that can be used to create a welcoming and comprehensive website for Churches. Moreover, this theme is fully packed with various features and designing options that make it easy for you to create a clean and stunning church website. In addition to that, it is also reviewed as a responsive and mobile-friendly theme. And among any WordPress church themes free or premium, this theme is the best! You can discover more about this theme by going through the points listed below:

  • Positively reviewed religious WordPress theme free
  • Fully optimized and ready to use theme
  • Beautiful and clean designs, well-packed with features
  • Templates built on latest Bootstrap
  • Includes three homepage variants
  • Incorporates sections such as Google Maps, donations, ministries, and sermons
Churchvill - best biblical Christmas themes
Churchvill – best biblical Christmas themes

Try Churchvill Demo


4. Templezen

This theme, in particular, is designed for Buddha temples, however, you can use them to create other temple websites. Just the view and design of this WordPress theme can fill you with a sense of peace and holistic well being. In addition to that, the features included in this theme enables you to pass on all important messages in the most creative yet simple manner. Read on to discover more about this theme:

  • Peaceful and joyful use colors and designs
  • Modern, creative, and built using state-of-the-art technology
  • Built with Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • More than 100 customized options available
  • Easily accessible across all devices with different screen sizes
Templezen - WordPress Religious Theme
Templezen – WordPress Religious Theme

Try Templezen Demo


5. Church Web Presence

Another best church theme ideas from our list of best premium or free church WordPress themes 2020 is Church Web Presence. Church Web Presence is a clean design religious theme WordPress that can well-represent churches and help them spread messages in the most presentable manner. Basically, the powerful features of this theme can help you build a special image of your church on the digital platform. Moreover, just like other themes listed in this blog, you can customize this theme as well according to your or the church’s requirement. Read on to discover more about this theme:

  • Clean and uncluttered designs
  • Easy to find information because of simple design
  • Powerful features
  • Integrated Wizard extension for quick set up of different components
  • Shortcode Template Editor helps create a personalized shortcode
  • Pre-built internet page layouts and web blogs
  • Static Area Builder for customization
Church Web Presence - WordPress Religious Theme
Church Web Presence – WordPress Religious Theme

Try Church Web Presence Demo


6. Salvation

Sixth in our list of WordPress church themes 2020 is Salvation. Salvation is a beautiful theme that incorporates all the important features required to create a user-friendly website with the desired look and appeal. So, if you are planning to bring your church service to the digital realm, then Salvation could be a good option. This is one of the best church themes for the year 2020. What’s more, the long list of exclusive features makes this theme stand out from many others. Some of them are listed below. Read on.

  • User-friendly features
  • Full-screen slider
  • Event management feature
  • Warm and friendly theme
  • Fully functional audio player
  • Translation tool
  • Ready to go PayPal integration
Salvation - WordPress church themes 2020
Salvation – WordPress church themes 2020

Try Salvation Demo


7. Saved

Making on the seventh position in our list of best church themes for the year 2020 is Saved. Running a religious or church based website is as complicated as running a business website. However, using WordPress themes such as Saved, which incorporates an array of user-friendly features can make things simpler for you. In addition to that, the good customization options and unique designs help you develop a sleek and beautiful website in no time. You can find out more about this theme below:

  • Powerful features
  • Full color palettes and quality google fonts
  • Good customization options and unique designs
  • Strip available to display upcoming events
  • User-friendly features
  • Appealing look
Saved - WordPress church themes 2020
Saved – WordPress church themes 2020

Try Saved Demo


8. VienasBel

A top-rated premium WordPress theme, VienasBel is used to create websites for Islamic religious centres and NGOs. This is among the easy-to-use religious themes for WordPress which allow you to spread your religious message on the digital platform with much ease. Not only that, using the easily customizable features of this theme, you can easily create a warm and attractive website that quickly grabs people’s attention. Read on to discover more about this theme:

  • Easy to use
  • Visual page builder for customization
  • One-click installation of demo websites
  • Great set of documentation
  • Google maps integration
  • Attention-grabbing look
VienasBel - Religious themes for WordPress
VienasBel – Religious themes for WordPress

Try VienasBel Demo


9. Maranatha

Maranatha is another beautiful WordPress church theme using which you can spread spiritual and inspirational messages among the followers in the most innovative ways. Moreover, the sleek design and organised structure of this theme make it a  perfect fit for your church website. Lastly, it also has numerous other powerful features that will help you cover everything that is required on a religious website. Some of them are listed below. Read on.

  • Enables organizing sermons in five different ways
  • In-depth event calendar
  • A separate ministries section
  • Upload blogs
  • Google maps integration
  • Beautiful , sleek design perfect for your church
Maranatha - Religious themes for WordPress
Maranatha – Religious themes for WordPress

Try Maranatha Demo


10. My Religion

Adding to this list of religious theme WordPress we have My Religion, which is basically known for its great style and comprehensive features. Moreover, the modern look and neat designs of this theme easily grab the attention of people of all age groups. Not only that, the simplicity and power of this theme also make it easier for everyone to use it. Find out more about this theme below:

  • Full-width default layout with chunky headers
  • Top-notch functionality
  • Custom post types for presenting sermons
  • Modern look along with neat typography
  • Support for event calendar plugins
My Religion - Religious themes for WordPress
My Religion – Religious themes for WordPress

Try My Religion Demo


Final Words

The religious themes WordPress listed in this blog post are some of the best that you can use to create a religious website of your own. Further, you can search for these religious WordPress themes free download and get started with them. These themes also arouse the feeling of being close to god with their unique look in the followers. Moreover, there is no rocket science behind using these themes. Someone, with basic computer and language skills, can easily operate the websites with these themes, and can constantly stay in touch with the people of their community. All in all, if you have been wanting to develop a website for a religious center, then religious themes like these can help you get your job done without putting in much time and effort. 

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