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Best question and answer themes for WordPress

How do I create a Q&A website?

If you’re wondering “How do I add a question and answer in WordPress?” or “How to add question and answer in WordPress” then a WordPress Q&A website is your perfect solution. Now if you’re wondering, “How do I create a Q&A website?” question and answer themes WordPress is one thing but the first thing to consider is hosting. It is a physical space that you rent on someone’s server and pay a small premium every month, quarter, or year. There are different hosting space providers like SiteGround, BlueHost and Inmotion.

The second is the domain. It’s the name of your website. You can buy a domain name from the above-listed sites.

Next are the WordPress plugins. You will need plugins for creating and adding Activity feeds, User Profiles, social media, and email features. So, we recommend a few plugins that you should have.

ProfileGrid: It’s the best WordPress user profile plugin out there. Apart from creating user profiles, it can also be useful to set up communities on your website, just like Quora and Reddit. It can also help to set up messaging features on your website. Moreover, you can create unlimited groups and registration forms. Also, you can set add content restrictions to certain answers or posts.

RegistrationMagic: This is the best WordPress plugin for user registration and login. Certainly, you will need users to register on your website, so this plugin comes very advantageously.

EventPrime: It can be used to create and manage events online. If you are hosting any online or offline events for your audience, this plugin will help you to set up and manage events easily.

Finally, you will need a WordPress question and answer theme which is flexible and SEO friendly to build a great looking. Now you also might wonder, “How can I make WordPress a website like Quora?” even for that your answer is a dynamic WordPress question and answer theme.

Features of q&a WordPress theme

A website is created for different purposes, one reason to do so is to provide the required answers to people’s or customer’s questions. This is why businesses create several Q&A websites such as help support, knowledge, live chat, and marketing, where people can do both, ask questions, and provide solutions. At one point, it took a great deal of time and effort to create such Q&A websites. Companies needed to hire coders to make their dream website a reality, but not anymore. Developers are now creating themes that not only incorporate all the basic functions of a WordPress theme but also have strong and sound Q&A systems. These features are a must in any question answer WordPress theme free or paid. Continuing on the topic, in this blog post, we discuss the top 10 handpicked WordPress question and answer themes. 

List of Best WordPress Question and Answer Themes

  1. Discy
  2. InfoCenter
  3. Aardvark
  4. Askme
  5. Robust QnA
  6. Sentric
  7. Instant QnA
  8. TechDesk
  9. ForumEngine
  10. QuesandAns


1. Discy

Creating a question and answer website certainly seemed a tricky task until the introduction of WordPress themes such as Discy theme. Discy theme like many other Q&A themes allows you to launch a space where users can easily interact by asking questions and providing answers. Although, apart from the question and answer system, this question answer theme offers many other features that make it easy for you to create your dream website. The filtering, searching, and content tagging features of Discy theme help in making the website user-friendly. The theme also comes with responsive questions and answers templates. The users can even rate the answers submitted by others. This WordPress ask me theme is available on ThemeForest questions answers themes. 

Discy - Top 10 Question and Answer Theme for WordPress


2. InfoCenter

Like most WordPress Question and Answer themes, InfoCenter comes with a demo website that one can easily use to quickly launch a question and answer website of their own. This question answer WordPress theme is built keeping in mind all your requirements and expectations. It allows you to add discussion forums to your website, letting the users do both ask questions and give answers to various queries. In addition to that, the Alax voting system lets the users vote for the best answer, which makes it easier for others to find that answer in the future. This feature is quite unique among any question answer WordPress theme free or paid. Also, you can make questions and answers template free downloads.

Infocenter - Top 10 Question and Answer Theme for WordPress


3. Aardvark

Third, on our list is the Aardvark theme. Building a fresh Q&A website has become much easier because of amazing question answer WordPress themes such as Aardvark theme. The amazing Aardvark theme offers several pre-built demo websites that help you launch your Q&A website in no time. Moreover, these demo websites are customizable and allow you to design your website the way you like. Lastly, you do not require any advanced coding skills, just a mouse or trackpad skill and you can create a website that you always desired. Aardvark WordPress theme is one of the best WordPress ask me themes. 

AardWork - Top 10 Question and Answer Theme for WordPress


4. AskMe

AskMe theme is a simple design and layout theme with an outstanding control panel. The Askme theme is retina-ready, provides easily customizable website templates, and comes in a wide range of colour options. This top listed WordPress theme also provides multiple users options. Moreover, the Askme theme also supports the RTL feature, so user speaking languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian can also use the website easily. You can easily find this WordPress ask me theme on ThemeForest questions answers theme list. Also, make questions and answers template free downloads from ThemeForest. 

AskMe - Metagauss


5. Robust Q&A

Robust Q&A is another instant Q&A WordPress theme that, through its amazing features, lets you create attractive websites. The leader board is one of the prime features of this question answer WordPress theme where you can display the names of the prime members of your website. The theme has amazing responsive questions and answers templates. It also has a separate area for Ajax search panel, where the users can quickly get the search results. The members can further report, comment, or dislike any comment they find inappropriate.

Robust - Top 10 Question and Answer Theme for WordPress


6. Sentric

Adding to the list of top theme questions and answers we have Sentric, a knowledge-based or support forum theme. This instant Q&A WordPress theme incorporates a range of features such as knowledge-based voting, quick summary, FAQ accordion, and specific forum search that helps in creating user-friendly websites. Moreover, the visual shortcode generator feature of this question answer theme helps in providing a nice and professional look to your website. What’s more, as this question answer WordPress theme is SEO optimized, it might help your website attain a good ranking in the search engines. Available on ThemeForest questions answers theme list, this question answer theme is one of the best Q&A WordPress themes. 

Sentric - Metagauss


7. Instant Q&A

Instant Q&A is a simple and extremely flexible WordPress theme that can help you create outstanding Q&A websites. This question and answer theme is super customizable that allows you to make changes to every section of the web page such as the signup or log in part. Moreover, the theme contains a popular question section and a unique answer page that often motivates users to ask and answer more questions. A feature that is a must in any question answer WordPress theme free or paid. Further, you can make questions and answers template free downloads as the theme comes with various responsive questions and answers templates. 

Instant - Top 10 Question and Answer Theme for WordPress


8. TechDesk

TechDesk is a powerful WordPress theme for HelpDesk and a knowledge base type of websites. The best part of this instant Q&A WordPress theme is that it has 9 customizable widgets, 5 different post formats, 9 customizable widgets, and several homepage layouts. The quick installation and easily customizable features of this question answer WordPress theme allow you to launch a Q&A website of your own, within no time. What’s more, this question answer theme is developed using the state-of-the-art technology Bootstrap 3 that allows you to easily build any sort of virtual and stylish element.

TechDesk - Metagauss


9. ForumEngine

ForumEngine is another top-rated Q&A theme that is extremely flexible when used for creating a website. Using this theme, not only you can customize your website, but even the users can make changes to their profiles. They can even custom the tags and categories with different colours. All of this contributes to making your website bold and content-focused with clean typography. What’s more, the theme comes with a point-earning system that helps users earn points and rank the best answers. All in all, using this question answer theme you can create a website that stands out from the others.

ForunEngine - Top 10 Question and Answer Theme for WordPress


10. Ques&Ans

Ques&Ans WordPress theme helps in making your website an interesting place where people can conveniently interact through questions and answers. All one needs to do is sign up to your website, and simply post their questions or answers. In addition to that, the theme provides a service section where you can list down the best answers to a question. Moreover, you can have 6 different types of blog post format and some other amazing features, and all of this without having to spend a fortune.

Ques&Ans- Metagauss

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