5 Food Blog Themes for WordPress (Exclusive)

Food Blog Themes for WordPress

Are you a foodie looking to share your favorite recipes on your food blog?

Do you want to showcase your kitchen products or cookbooks on your recently launched eCommerce store? Are you looking to share your food creations with the foodie people via popular WordPress food blog themes? 


No matter the reason behind your love for cooking, the best thing you can do for your newly launched WordPress food blog is get it layered with a fully-functional and beautiful WordPress theme, designed specifically for the food industry. Continuing the discussion this blog contains some of the best and premium WordPress food blog themes for WordPress that will definitely inspire you to get into your kitchen and cook some delicious recipes for your loved ones. Before knowing about the premium themes, let’s discuss how to make a food blog.

Directions to Make a Food Blog with WordPress

WordPress is a renowned website builder in the market. It is not only meant for sharing recipes but also for creating engaging food-related websites. It gives you full access to all of WordPress’s powerful features. For creating a WordPress website, 

  • You need to buy a domain.
  • After buying a domain, choose a hosting plan


We recommend you use SiteGround, BlueHost, and Inmotion, these are some of the largest and renowned hosting companies in the world and an officially recommended hosting provider. Choose the WordPress hosting plans as per your requirements. 

Requirements of a Food Recipe Blog

A food recipe blog must display tempting pictures with complete recipes, look attractive, and should be fully functional. If you too are looking for features such as ingredients template, recipe layout with tempting images, menu templates, and plugins support in your food blog theme for WordPress, you need something more than a simple food blogging theme. Let’s take a look at some of the renowned food blog themes.

Here is the list of some of the premium food blog themes for WordPress. Let’s study the functionalities and features of the themes one by one. 

FlyFood – Food & Recipe WordPress Theme

FlyFood Theme is one of the renowned and highly recommended WordPress themes for the food industry. The theme is also recommended for businesses including food, recipes, bakery, WooCommerce shop, fashion, interior design, and others because it offers the basic set of elements and templates everyone can use without having any programming skills.

Benefits of FlyFood Food WordPress Theme:

  • It will help you make food blog easy & fast
  • The theme will help you sell products online as it is compatible with WooCommerce
  • You can use this theme as a recipe blog, CV, or Portfolio
  • It also offers Email and the Live chat Support

Food Blog Themes

Try FlyFood Theme

Lafka – WooCommerce Theme for Burger – Pizza & Food Delivery

Lafka is another modern WordPress or WooCommerce theme, introduced specifically keeping in mind the needs of online fast-food businesses. The theme pays great attention to details, providing industry-specific features that you can’t find in any other food blog theme. It is introduced after deep research and come up with all the unique features and functionalities that are a mandate for food ordering websites such as bakery shops, burger shoppers, food chain stores, food trucks, etc.

Benefits of Lafka WordPress Theme:

  • The theme is compatible with renowned WordPress plugins such as ProfileGrid, EventPrime, and RegistrationMagic
  • Further to the integration of the theme with WordPress plugins, it will help you seamlessly manage your user profiles, registration forms, and ongoing events and help you improve this theme’s functionalities. 

Food Blog Themes

Try Lafka Theme

Meridian Recipes

Meridian Recipes is another feature-rich, premium WordPress theme for the passionate food blogger. This theme is completely customizable. It comes with numerous modules to choose from and thousands of color options. Moreover, the theme has a 5-star rating and bookmarking system. This helps the visitors in creating their account and easily keep track of their favorite recipes. This theme is amazing to build a high-quality and professional-looking food blog from scratch without requiring any coding or design skills. 

Benefits of using Meridian Recipes

  • 19 different modules to create a unique website or an outstanding food blog
  • Customization features including colors, typography, background, and more.
  • A special bookmarking system with user profiles so that visitors can keep track of their favorite recipes.
  • Compatible with renowned WordPress plugins such as ProfileGrid, EventPrime, and RegistrationMagic.

Try Meridian Recipes Theme

Foodie Pro

Foodie Pro, Food WordPress theme is designed on the high-quality SEO-friendly Framework. It is a great WordPress theme for food businesses, especially for those who are serious about their food website. If you are looking for a clean, minimalist design, along with a punch of color options, widgets, thumbnail images, and exclusive recipe pages, then Foodie Pro is the right choice for you. 

Benefits of Food Pro – Food WordPress theme:

  • It comprises multiple layout options that help you create a unique website.
  • The theme will let you create customized headers with a brand logo and a small punch line text for website recognition.
  • Customization options with the Live Preview feature such as color options,  background images, and recipe layouts. 
  • Compatible with renowned WordPress plugins such as ProfileGrid, RegistrationMagic, EventPrime, and more.

Food Blog Themes

Try Foodie Pro Theme

Food Blog Theme for WordPress

The food blog is another popular WordPress theme, chosen by food bloggers across the food industry. It offers a photo-friendly layout, 100% responsive view, and customization options so that you can change every aspect of your site. The theme also comes with multiple social media options and gives access to multiple shortcodes to add different functionality to your website. 

 Benefits of Using Food Blog:

  • Plugins are available for building a library of recipes for your readers.
  • Sidebar choices for creating a minimal and creative website as per your requirement.
  • Comes with beautiful thumbnail images to grab the attention of the readers.
  • Large featured images for each blog post so that nothing goes unnoticed.

Food Blog Themes

Try Food Blog Theme

Fully Functional Recipe Blog When A Theme is Integrated with Renowned Plugins

After taking a look at some of the prominent Food Blog themes, let’s discuss how your website will function when it will be clubbed with the most useful WordPress plugin Registration Magic and FlyFood Theme WordPress theme. 

  • It will give access to a neat and clean design with multiple layout widgets. 
  • It will help you make the food blog easy & fast.
  • The theme will help you sell products online as it is compatible with WooCommerce.
  • You can use this theme as a recipe blog, CV, or Portfolio.
  • It also offers Email and Live Chat Support.
  • You can easily move any widget to your desired location as it comes with a drag and drop option.
  • It allows you to create an endless number of login forms, registration forms, or membership forms easily when you integrate the RegistrationMagic WordPress plugin with the FlyFood theme.
  • You can allow users to have their own account.
  • It has dynamic integrations such as WooCommerece, bbPress, EventPrime, ProfileGrid, MailChimp, Elementor, and more.
  • Set and choose Email templates for events such as Registration, User Activation, or deactivation, and Password Change.
  • Create sign up forms, membership forms, and other forms.
  • It comes with an SEO optimized theme frame which helps your website to rank better on any search engine.
  • Customizable theme elements such as color options, different fonts, widgets, recipe layouts, and more.
  • This WordPress membership plugin has WooCommerce compatibility to create a great shopping experience for your users.

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, this theme is 100% responsive which means it will work well on every mobile device such as iOS, Android, and Windows phones. It is an excellent theme for beginners and easy to use. When clubbed with the above-mentioned WordPress plugins it is considered the best solution to create an awesome food blog.  


If you are looking to build a food blog or any related website, consider the prominent themes that are mentioned in this blog. When you will install the renowned plugins, such as ProfileGrid, EventPrime, and RegistrationMagic, with any of the above-mentioned themes, it will help you make a fully-functional website. All you need to do is set up the WordPress website after selecting a  required domain name and hosting plan, choose a beautiful food WordPress theme, install WordPress theme plugins, and have a great food blogging experience ahead. 

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