Best Blogging Websites to Follow in 2021

Are you looking for the best blogging websites to follow to create a blog of your own?

Look no further! We have got you covered with this list of Best blogging websites by our WordPress experts!

Ever since the pandemic struck in 2020 more and more businesses have gone out of business. Now in 2021, as businesses resume, having an online presence is more than important. But how do you take your business online? Is it costly to do so?

Do not worry, we are here to guide you and help you have an online presence. Below we have listed some of the best blogging websites for free as well as the paid websites.

These are the best blogging websites that are very popular and highly used to develop an online presence. There are many blogging websites that are not so popular but provide you with all that you require.

If you are new to the blogging world and want to understand and explore your options you are in the right place.

So, let’s get started.

What is a Blogging Website? How to create your Blogging website?

blogging websites

A blog or a blogging website is a site that creates your online presence and helps you maintain an online journal of your own. Though a blog and a website are different a blog can be a whole website or be a part of a website.

A blog helps you pursue your passion by simultaneously giving you an online presence and can also provide you monetary gains. To start blogging you need to create your blog and to host your blog you need a website.

Two ways to create the best blogging websites:

  1. Buy a domain name, build a website and host your blog on the website. This can be done with the help of blogging sites like WordPress, Wix, or Blogger. WordPress and Wix help you set-up your website and start blogging.

This is also called a self-hosted blog, useful for having full control of your website. WordPress is best suited for self-hosted blogs. You can easily download WordPress and start blogging with absolute flexibility and have access to numerous third-party plugins.

  1. The other way to start blogging is by using platforms like LinkedIn and Medium that do not require you to set-up a whole website. These platforms help you reach out to a larger audience without having to build the whole website.

Using platforms like Medium and LinkedIn opens up the route of using the best blogging websites for free.

List of Top 7 Best Blogging Websites to Follow in 2021


best blogging websites

Check Out Metagauss

We at Metagauss work towards making some of the best WordPress plugins that are loaded with dynamic features. Metagauss blog keeps you updated on an array of WordPress themes, plugins, and extensions.

From how to start blogging with WordPress and which themes to use Metagauss has it all. The blog will keep you updated about anything and everything that WordPress has to offer.

Metagauss has also built powerful and user-centric plugins such as ProfileGrid, RegistrationMagic, and EventPrime. It also offers a Metabundle of all the products. These plugins serve as the best WordPress profile plugin and the best WordPress form builder. All three plugins are compatible with all WordPress themes as well.




Check Out WordPress

The ever so versatile and highly flexible to use WordPress; is one of the best blogging websites. It is not only popular but also powerful and provides an all-in-one experience.

To get started with WordPress all you have to do is buy a domain name, get a host for your website (web-hosting) and finally create your WP account.

WordPress with Bluehost is the perfect web hosting combo to start your blogging website via WordPress.

WordPress allows you to have full control of your website and make changes and setting as per your wish. This platform has an ocean of Plugins and Widgets that cater to every need of yours.

Initially, your experience with WordPress will not be a piece of cake. It will take time for you to be completely familiar with how it functions. But at the same time, it also allows you a straightforward approach to start your blogging journey.

You can also take your business online and use WordPress to build your business website. With numerous Themes, Widgets, Plugins, Theme editors, and much more WordPress comes with absolute customizable liberty. It is the most popular, powerful, user-friendly, and one of the best blogging websites for free.


Wix Blog

Check Out Wix

Quite similar to WordPress, Wix is a website builder but it is a hosted platform. Ideal for small businesses

Wix is the best blogging website for free. It offers beautiful blogging website templates for the blog of any type. One of the fun features of Wix is its drag-and-drop editor for customizing web pages.

Wix has a solid blog manager that is user-friendly and also comes with built-in SEO analytics. All you need to do is update the SEO setting manually for every post and you’re done.

To top it all Wix provides you a free account with a Wix subdomain. It is the easiest to use and the best free blogging website.


WPExplorer blogging site

Check Out WPExplorer!

If you choose WordPress to start blogging the WPExplorer blog can help you with all your queries. You can find various how-to articles, tips, guides, and tutorials related to WordPress at WPExplorer blog.

WPExplorer can provide the right guidance for creating WordPress themes or which free themes to use. It is the ultimate guide for a blogging site that can help beginners and experts as well.

Blogging Mile

blogging mile

Check Out Blogging Mile

Just like Metagauss, Blogging Mile helps you stay updated with the latest trends in the blogging world. Blogging mile helps you start your blog and helps you make money from it.

Blogging Mile is highly suitable for those who are looking for free blogging sites to earn money. With Blogging Mile, you can pursue your hobby and also make money from it.

All you need to do is sign-up on the website, start a blog and choose a monetization option such as email or affiliate marketing.



Check Out Themeisle

Another solution for the WordPress beginner problems is Themeisle. Themeisle develops premium WordPress themes, templates, and plugins. It also runs a blog that is ideal for anyone who wishes to build a WordPress blogging website.

The blog covers various topics like the best WordPress tools to use, tutorials for WordPress menu icons, etc. Themeisle provides you with plenty of articles and tutorials that help you keep going on your WordPress blogging journey.



Check Out Kinsta

Kinsta is a Google Cloud powered premium WordPress hosting provider. They can help you with any of your website requirements. Kinsta provides cutting-edge technology solutions and also has a blog to help WordPress beginners.

The Kinsta blog is a place where you can find various WordPress tutorials and useful resources. Here, you can find articles and tutorials for any possible technical glitch occurring on WordPress.



Check Out Blogger

As the name suggests, Blogger is a blogging service owned by Google. Blogger is a very handy blogging website that is best suitable for people who are not that into technology.

It also provides website designs, blogging tools, and blogging website templates. The only con of using Blogger is that you may have to settle for low-quality templates.

Other than that, you can use blogger as your safest free blogging website option.

Constant Contact Website Builder

Constant Contact Website Builder

Check Out Constant Contact Website Builder

If you wish to create an online store or your business site you can try the Constant Contact Website Builder. It is an artificial intelligence-powered website builder.

It also has a drag-and-drop feature available with plenty of templates to customize your site. You can also make your custom logo with the custom logo maker.

It has some fun features but when it comes to third-party plugins it doesn’t have many options. Also, switching your site to some other platform can be tough here.

The good thing is Constant Contact Website Builder is easy to set-up and comes with a free domain and SSL certificate.



Check Out Colorlib

Colorlib is yet another useful resource that helps in starting a blog using WordPress. The Colorlib guide provides easy and comprehensive articles and guides to help you get through WordPress.

From how to start a blog on WordPress to using the best and premium themes, Colorlib has all covered. No matter what your blog genre is e-commerce, education, business, Colorlib has the best suitable theme options.

Gator by HostGator

gator by hostgator

Check Out Gator 

Yet another website builder Gator, hosted by HostGator is a great blogging platform. With Gator you can create quick and easy blogs, eCommerce, and business sites.

It also has the drag-and-drop editor to help ease the blog building process. As it is hosted by HostGator you need not worry about your site’s performance or back-up.

Unfortunately, Gator is not a free blogging website but it does offer a free domain and SSL certificate.


Whether yours is a small business or a large enterprise an online presence is a must. It’s 2021 we are now in the post-pandemic times where almost all businesses have shifted online.

In circumstances like these, you cannot afford to stay in business the traditional way. So follow these best blogging websites in 2021 to get a hold of the online world and catch up.

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