Gallery SEA Theme is a modern and clean responsive Gallery Portfolio WordPress theme for creative multipurpose.

Gallery SEA by SeaTheme

Sea Themes - Gallery SEA Integration with PG Plugin

On WordPress, we can design a website or portfolio profile easily. Whether you are a graphic design, content writer, photographer, or digital marketing manager, we have a plethora of WordPress portfolio theme options. One such amazing choice is the Gallery SEA theme. It is a modern, unique, and responsive Gallery theme for a minimalistic website. We can fully personalize this creative portfolio theme with its REAL Live builder that has more than 30 pre-designed choices for various types of professionals, such as freelancers, agencies, and other professionals.


This personal portfolio WordPress theme additionally has an efficient code that makes your loading quick and smooth. It is also possible to display images in varying sizes depending on the screen size of the visitor.


Features of Gallery SEA Theme

Check some of the outstanding features of the Gallery SEA WordPress portfolio theme. Explore how we can customize the portfolio website creatively.
  • More than 30 bold, modern, and functional pre-designed portfolio theme ideas and templates.
  • Import your professionally created demos with a single click.
  • Full responsive minimalistic WordPress portfolio theme for every screen size.
  • Unique editing powers with BM builder that works in live mode and offers you multiple portfolios and gallery layouts.
  • Compliant with GDPR because of comment and contact compatibility and cookie consent option.
  • Fonts available from four sources, including adobe, google, system, and uploaded fonts.
  • Outstanding creative portfolio theme options, such as 1-12 columns, item filter, spacing, drag-and-drop editor for the gallery, multiple grid ratio options, pagination (infinite scroll and load more options), thumbnail text, and text styles (colour, font, alignment, and spacing).
  • Various layouts for a single project gallery, such as images, paragraphs, heading, social icons, videos, full-width layout, clipped image heading, lightbox, etc.
  • A range of slider modules containing options for elements, spacing, text, font, colour, animation, text position, autoplay, the position of the page number, open link options, and arrow positions.
  • Mobile-friendly options, such as 3 different header layouts, element spacing, icon and font size, etc.
  • 7 formats for posts, such as the gallery, image, audio, standard, video, link, and quote.
  • Customized buttons for social media links, such as for Facebook.
  • Optimized by SEO, therefore, search engines love the Gallery SEA theme.
  • Support for HTTPS.
Interactive and Feature-Rich Gallery Portfolio Theme

Gallery SEA WordPress portfolio theme has the potential to capture the attention of your viewers, potential clients, and customers. There’s a creative content builder to help you drag-and-drop elements and make unique website pages without coding.

Integrating WordPress Portfolio Theme with ProfileGrid Plugin

Integrating the minimalistic WordPress portfolio theme with plugins empowers users to extend the functionality of the website without spending a lot of time. For example, ProfileGrid is the best membership plugin on WordPress to create user groups and communities.

Here are some features of the WordPress membership plugin:

Unlimited Groups

You can create unlimited groups on your website for different user sections and types of users. For instance, through this plugin, we can design user directories, multiple sign up processes, and various user profiles.

These groups have multiple access controls and privacy features.

Paid Membership

With the ProfileGrid WP membership plugin, we get the power to create paid sign-ups. We can create various levels of user logins, such as premium and basic users, and add different pricing structures for these paid sign-up options.

Responsive Layout

The layout of the ProfileGrid WordPress membership plugin is responsive for each and every screen size. Whether you wish to cater to mobile, tablet, or computer users, ProfileGrid helps you design optimum and balanced layouts.

User Posts

With the premium version of the WordPress subscription plugin, users can create and post blogs on their profiles. They can send friend requests, add friends, and send them messages without any hassle.

Multiple Extensions

When you wish to extend the features and functionalities of the WordPress profile plugin, you can utilize its free and paid extensions. For example, Hero Banner, which helps you show every user of a group in a banner. When there are fewer users, you can even add dummy avatars to the banner.

This WP profile builder plugin allows you to seamlessly build and manage groups, communities, and profiles and allow you to give your users an unforgettable experience. Integrated with Phlox, the frontend of the social networking website becomes more feature-rich and dynamic. Can’t wait to get started? Dig in and know-how to install and get started with ProfileGrid.


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Design and launch your own website with a WordPress portfolio theme. Simply use its builder to customize your portfolio’s look-and-feel and add some plugins for improved features and functionalities.
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