How To Set Up Membership Form: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

When you want to cater to your WordPress users dedicatedly, you need to create a WordPress membership form on your website. This form helps in registering your users in a simple and personalized manner.

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  1. Features of RegistrationMagic Plugin
  2. Step by Step Guide
  3. Make WordPress Membership Form
  4. Automate Form Fields
  5. Conclusion

However, how can you make this form without any hassle?

The RegistrationMagic plugin helps you design a simple membership form for your users. You only need to create a form, add some field, adjust its layout, and launch it. No coding or complicated processes are required. Just download the WordPress paid subscription plugin to start making different types of user forms. Not only that, RegistrationMagic offers a complete solution that no other WordPress registration plugin does. Checkout how RegistrationMagic is killing other WordPress form plugins!

Below we have discussed the features and installation process of RegistrationMagic in detail. Read on.

Features of RegistrationMagic Plugin

Here some features of the RegistrationMagic plugin that assist you to create paid subscription form on WordPress.

  • Create various types of forms, such as the WooCommerce membership registration form.
  • Include custom fields in your form to make it personalized as per your needs.
  • Analyze your form with the help of an in-built dashboard, graphs, and tables.
  • Check the status of submissions on you’re a paid memberships pro-registration form.
  • Fully control your forms and plugin, such as removing or deactivating users.
  • Include MagicPop menu for feasible access and enhanced user experience.
  • Utilize the in-built responsiveness of CSS 3. Access forms on any device.


Stepwise Guide to Make WordPress Membership From

Try RegistrationMagic Free

To make a WordPress member form with the help of RegistrationMagic, you need to first install the plugin on your website. Let’s see how you can do it:

1. To start with, go to your Admin Panel and click on Plugins.

Add Plugin -WordPress Membership form

2. On the following page, you will find Add New on the top. Click on it to add RegistrationMagic.

Add New Plugin- WordPress Membership form3. The next page will have a search bar, where you can search the RegistrationMagic plugin and Install it.

Install Registration Magic - WordPress Membership form4. Now, you can start using RegistrationMagic to create WordPress membership forms.

Make WordPress Membership Form

1. To create forms, visit the RegistrationMagic plugin. You need to click on the All Forms page.

All Forms Page- WordPress Membership form2. Here, select New Form to create a membership form.

Add New Form- WordPress Membership form3. Add the Name of Your Form and uncheck Turn off user registration. If you check this feature, registration will not be allowed in this form. Since a membership form contains registering a user, you can uncheck this box.

Add Form Name- WordPress Membership form4. To configure your form, hover your cursor on the form and go to Fields.

Fields Manager5. On the Fields Manager page, use the Add New field to customize your form.

Add Fields

Automate Form Fields

1. To create a membership form, you need to automate a few fields in the form. For this, go to Automation from the RegistrationMagic plugin.

Automate2. On the Automation page, select the Toggle From option and click on New Task to add a task.

New Task3. On the Task Settings page, select the Task Name and add a Description.

Task Details4. The next page will show an array of options. You can click on any to automate a field in your Membership Form. We will work with User Account Rule and Field Value Rule, as Membership of a user is dependent on the User Status.

Automation Fields

Note: You can also select the Payment Status and Payment Process rule to link your account activation with payment.

5. Here, you can select the Membership field of your form for automation.

Automation Fields6. On the Task Settings page, now select Activate Account when a certain Membership is selected.

7. Now, if a user selects a type of membership, pays for the amount which is shown on the form, and this payment is confirmed, then the user account will be activated.

WordPress Registration Form8. You can also choose to send an email to your users about this update. For instance, after creating a membership account of a certain type, the user can be notified of the account approval.


It is simpler to create a WordPress membership form with the RegistrationMagic plugin. You just need to follow the above process, install the plugin, and create a form. The entire process will not take more than 15 minutes of your time. So, what are you waiting for?

Check the above steps, install RegistrationMagic, and enjoy the power of creating valuable membership forms and other website forms.

In case you face any issues, reach out to us below. We will get back to you with a solution.

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