How To Set Up Pop Up Forms: A Step By Step Guide

Want to capture better leads with a WP pop up form?

Know how to create a dynamic WP pop up form without any coding knowledge! We’ve accumulated all the data that you’ll need! In addition to that, our WordPress experts have answered some of the most commonly asked questions related to WordPress pop up forms. Let’s get started!


How to make a pop up registration form in WordPress?

When you are selling services to your customers through your WordPress website, it is imperative to have a seamless registration option for users. A WP pop up form is the best way to help your users register quickly and continue exploring the website.

But, how can you do it?

While you can easily create a registration form using the RegistrationMagic plugin, how can you add the pop up form for registration?

Fortunately, the RegistrationMagic popup form plugin has that functionality as well. You can add a popup email form on your website and allow your users to register in minutes. It is one of the best onclick popup contact form WordPress plugins! You can also create other type of pop up forms such as Mailchimp popup form, WordPress popup login register form, access popup form, pop up signup form, popup email form, WordPress popup login form, WordPress subscribe popup, WordPress popup login form, WooCommerce popup login & signup forms, and more.

We have created a small guide to help you understand how the RegistrationMagic onclick popup contact form WordPress plugin can make your tasks simpler. Read on! You can also check out how RegistrationMagic is killing other form builder WordPress plugins to be the best solution out there!

WordPress Contact Form Killer Plugin!

Features of WP Registration Plugin

RegistrationMagic popup form plugin can help you enable pop up login form on WordPress. With the help of this plugin, you can make a WordPress popup login form for various functionalities, such as registration, payment, etc. You can also create other types of website forms, including membership forms, WooCommerce popup login & signup forms, and subscription forms. All you have to do is install this plugin on your Admin Panel to start using it.

Here are some outstanding features of the WordPress popup form plugin:

  • Create forms with unique and custom fields.
  • Modify configurations and content of the form.
  • Evaluate form submissions and other statistics.
  • Analyse data with in-built tables and graphs.
  • Fully control user forms, such as activating OTP functionality.
  • Offer enhanced experience with in-built CSS 3 responsiveness.
  • Use MagicPop for hassle-free slide-up menus; functionality that we are going to explore here.
  • Purchase the premium for advanced analytics, attachments, and more payment options.

How do I create a pop up form in WordPress?

If you want to start using this plugin to create a WordPress pop up form for registration, then read on. Here are the steps to create a Mailchimp popup form, access popup form, pop up signup form, popup email form, pop up contact form, or WordPress subscribe popup in WordPress.

Install the Plugin


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The first step is to install the plugin for the WordPress pop up form on WordPress. For this, visit the Plugin menu of your Admin Panel.

Add Plugin- wp pop up form

From there, click on Add New and wait for the following page to load.

New Plugin- mailchimp popup form

On the following page, search for RegistrationMagic and Install the plugin. This will only take a few minutes.

Registration Magic- onclick popup contact form wordpress plugin

After installing this plugin, you can start using it. This will show up in your Admin Panel.

Make a Recurring Payments Form on WordPress

To start using RegistrationMagic, visit the All Forms page from the left menu.

Pop Up Form

On the All Forms page, click on New Form.

Add New Form- pop up signup form

Now, add the Name of Your Form.

Form Details- wordpress popup login form

When you don’t want to include registration in any form, you can check to Turn off user registration for this form.

Once the form is created, hover your cursor over the form to visit the Fields page.

Fields Manager- wordpress popup login form

Here, you can Add Fields to your form.

Add New Field

Include Magic Popup

To include a WordPress popup registration form, you need to visit the All Forms page again. Here, find the form you have created and click on its Dashboard.


On the Dashboard, scroll down, and go to Magic PopUp under the Publish section.

Magic Popup

On the pop up menu, click on the star to activate Magic PopUp on this form. This will make your custom registration form the default registration form.

Enable popup form- Pop up form

Once you have done that, go to Global Settings of RegistrationMagic and find Magic PopUp.

Magic Popup Settings- Pop up form

On the Magic PopUp Settings page, select Turn on MagicPopUp and Show Registrations Tab. You can also add custom form links on this page.

Settings Page- Pop up form

Just save and enjoy a feasible WordPress popup registration form on your WordPress website. It helps in improving user experience and reducing the number of clicks.


WordPress has the amazing capability to integrate with plugins, which offers us additional features and functionalities easily. RegistrationMagic is one such plugin that can help us create WordPress popup contact forms. Check the above stepwise guide to exploring the process of adding a pop up form to your Admin Panel. If you face any issues during the process, comment below. We will reach out to you with a solution.

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    how can i move the popup to the right top of my page?

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