Rigid is an amazing WooCommerce theme that allows you to build a feature-rich multi-vendor marketplace. Now let your users create individual stores!

Rigid Theme by AlThemist

How PG Integrates Well With Rigid Theme?

Do you have the best idea but you are looking for the right WooCommerce theme?

The Rigid theme is the top choice of business owners when it comes to creating a multi-vendor or e-shop marketplace. From solopreneurs to businesses with a full-fledged team and extensive functioning, everyone uses the Rigid WooCommerce theme to access the right tools for their websites. You can make your website sales-centric, improve customer experience, and enhance its speed.


Simply put, the Rigid WooCommerce theme is smartly designed to help your customers create their stores, manage shipping, and inventories.


Features of the Rigid WooCommerce Theme Integrated with Profile

If you are already excited to start using the Rigid theme, start exploring its features with ProfileGrid first. Check how this popular WordPress theme empowers businesses to create a multi-vendor marketplace.
  • The Rigid WooCommerce theme is known for its performance. You can optimize the performance of the entire website to improve the speed of traversing.
  • When you integrate it with ProfileGrid, you would be able to create user communities and use the performance of the website to drive smooth communication.
  • Utilize amazing pagination that helps you load product listings in more than one format easily. Just click on the format and change pagination.
  • There’s a built-in mega menu. You don’t need to install plugins or write code for this feature. Just adjust your mega menu and start selling products of different categories.
  • On every WooCommerce theme or e-store, you need a ‘limited period offer’ feature. You get it with the Rigid theme easily. Go to the admin settings and enable this option to showcase limited period offers on your e-store.
  • There are multiple header options with the Rigid theme, such as overlay, standard, transparent, left, etc.
  • The theme contains a drag-and-drop builder. You can just push items to the page to build the entire look in some hours.
  • The WooCommerce theme offers 600+ themes and page options to users. You can select a style that suits your idea.
  • When integrated with ProfileGrid, you would gain the power to create groups, manage its settings, allow communication between group members, and create a social community.
  • The code of the Rigid theme is pre-optimized for SEO. Search engines would find that very appealing.
  • The theme supports Google fonts, which helps you write content in a style of your choice. There are so many options.
The Rigid Theme with The ProfileGrid Plugin

One of the simplest techniques to improve the functionality of your WooCommerce theme further is to utilize plugins, like ProfileGrid. It is a WordPress user profile plugin that helps you create groups, communities, and forums.


Here are some unique features of the ProfileGrid ultimate member plugin:

User Groups

The major feature of the ProfileGrid WordPress profile plugin is to create groups and manage them. Based on your user directories, you can create different users group, manage the settings of these groups, and decide access controls of these groups. For example, you can restrict and selectively decide the privacy settings of each group, such as content visibility, extension access, etc.

WooCommerce Support

Here are some extensions of WooCommerce on the ProfileGrid WordPress user profile plugin:

Integrate WooCommerce to ProfileGrid for free.

  • Add WooCommerce Wishlist extension to allow WooCommerce users to create a product Wishlist.
  • Integrate WooCommerce products to ProfileGrid. This will help you create user groups according to the WooCommerce products purchased by certain users.
  • You can use a member discount extension to add a discount code for users; depending on their group membership status.
Premium Extensions

There are various premium extensions offered by this WP user profile plugin. Explore some of these premium extensions below:

  • Group Walls that adds a wall on the group page, where users can comment, post, and simply, interact.
  • Users get the power to upload statues and share their views with other members of the group.
  • It is also possible for users to create a photo album on the group page. These photos would be visible to every member of the group.
  • Admins can use hierarchy to show and hide menus on groups and websites. They can make certain features available to some groups.
  • Allow social login feature to users. This will allow the members of your group to create social accounts and manage their profile settings accordingly.
  • Admins can integrate their ProfileGrid plugin to MailChimp to send automated emails to users.
Responsive Website

The complete design of the ProfileGrid ultimate membership plugin is responsive. It is built on strong CSS, which gives this WordPress member profile plugin the power to work seamlessly on any device size. Whether your users are working on their smartphones or laptops, they would be able to access ProfileGrid.

This responsiveness of the ProfileGrid WooCommerce customer profile plugin also means that it smoothly fits with your WordPress theme.

If you wish to install the ProfileGrid plugin on your Rigid WooCommerce theme website, then visit this starter guide and start using the WordPress user profile plugin.


Beautiful Design and
Comfortable User Interface

Create Your Website With Rigid WooCommerce Theme

Design and customize your Rigid WooCommerce theme today. Create a marketplace that your users love. Don’t forget to improve the functionalities of this website with the ProfileGrid user membership plugin.
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