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Paid membership Blog - REAL WordPress Theme

Paid membership Blog - Premium WordPress Themes

If minimalistic, simple, and responsive is your type of WordPress blog, then the Real premium WordPress theme is made for you.

The Real WordPress theme helps you create a blog website that is compatible with ProfileGrid, RegistrationMagic, and EventPrime plugins. This website can sustain and manage your paid content, which can only be consumed by community members. You even get an intuitive way to design blog posts and website pages by using the drag-and-drop feature.

Introducing the REAL WordPress Theme

Further integrations with WordPress theme plugins empower you to seamlessly manage your user profiles, registration forms, and upcoming/ongoing events. There are nearly 58,000 plugins on WordPress and using the right ones, like ProfileGrid, RegistrationMagic, and EventPrime, only help you improve this theme’s functionalities.

Don’t you think that the Real Theme together with ProfileGrid, RegistrationMagic, and EventPrime would make a perfect blend?

Recommended for Membership Blog

The Right Choice for your Membership Blog

Apart from post format choices, you also get options for theme customizations as well. For instance, you can change fonts, colours, and social media links. There are 8 colours which are pre-defined in this premium WordPress theme.

Highlights of REAL WordPress Website Template

The Real premium WordPress theme with ProfileGrid, RegistrationMagic, and EventPrime has some amazing features. Let’s see what are these:
  • The Best Layout
  • Effective Page Builder
  • Paid Content Support
  • Various Post Formats
  • Customized Social Handles
  • Advanced Features
  • WordPress Theme Plugins

Premium WordPress Theme: Installing the REAL Theme

SeaTheme provides two valuable purchase options to users: the Regular License and Extended License. In the Regular License, you can’t publish paid content, but in Extended License, you can.

For a full Starter Guide, you can check the following links:

Features of Real Theme Integrated with ProfileGrid, RegistrationMagic, and EventPrime Explained

1. The Best Layout

The layout of this WordPress website template is fully responsive. You don’t need to struggle to make it work on various devices. Other than this, there are two options for the header layout: you can keep the menu hidden or open.


2. Effective Page Builder

The best feature of this premium WordPress theme is its page builder. Through this self-developed builder, you can create intuitive pages and posts. There are more than 20 modules that help you design blog posts in much less time. You can simply drag-and-drop elements on your final pages to completely design them in minutes.

3. Paid Content Support

Since many blog owners wish to promote paid content, WordPress websites built on the Real theme allow that automatically. You can curate premium content, which is only accessible and visible to your paid website members.

Here, it is also possible to utilize ProfileGrid’s features to manage user groups. With the help of this WordPress theme plugin, you can create user profiles and manage group access.

For example, you can easily define which group of users would be able to read and view what content. So, if you want to create 3 memberships and generate content according to that, you can do it easily with ProfileGrid.


Fortunately, ProfileGrid has various extensions, some of which are free and some are paid. You can extend features of this plugin through these extensions.

4. Various Post Formats

If you buy this WordPress theme, you can choose from various post formats.

Here are the formats you get with the theme:

  • Standard
  • Video
  • Image
  • Audio
  • Gallery
  • Quote
  • Link

This covers almost every type of post that you may wish to create.


5. Customized Social Handles

The Real theme additionally allows users to add customized social handles in the footer or header, with a show or no show option. You can even add a Share button with this premium WordPress theme.

6. Advanced Features

You get the full package when you buy Real WordPress theme. There are more than 800 Google fonts and more than 400 Font Awesome Icons.

In fact, this website is completely ready for translation in various languages, which helps your users to traverse through content in a language of their choice.

7. WordPress Theme Plugins

Other than the ProfileGrid WordPress theme plugin, you can install RegistrationMagic and EventPrime.

RegistrationMagic is the best option to create any type of forms. For instance, if you need to create a registration form with 3 subscription plans (basic, premium, and pro), you can make it with this plugin in minutes. It is also possible to analyse these forms, understand how many users are signing up in which category, and control registrations.


Similarly, EventPrime plugin also extends functionalities of the Real premium WordPress theme. It is a simple events management plugin. With a click, you can make events (paid or free), manage payments, send personalized emails, and reveal event details.


So, if you are trying to create a writing event, wherein your users from one specific group can participate and submit their content, you can do so with EventPrime and ProfileGrid.


Beautiful Design and
Comfortable User Interface

Start Your Own Membership Blog

The Real premium WordPress theme with installed plugins, such as ProfileGrid, EventPrime, and Registration, can help you create an ecosystem. All you need to do is set up the WordPress website, install WordPress theme plugins, and start accepting registrations.

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