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How to Use ProfileGrid With Phlox by Averta Themes for a Rocking Social Networking Website

With millions of social networking websites coming into existence each day, how do you make yourself stand out among others? With the growing digital age, every business that is online promises something unique. Yet there are 7 out of 10 businesses that do not even stand a chance to show their capabilities. Why? Because your first impression is your last impression. Right as the metaphor is, if you fail to create a stay-worthy impression on your users through your social media sites, the first user impression on your social networking sites are going to be the last ones.  


What Do You Do?

We have got it all sorted for you! And we have got your back! You need to start with the fundamental things in a social networking website and evolve them into a complete package. Just having social media sites online, having error-free content and a funnel setup with some CTAs isn't enough for you to pull more traffic and gain more revenue through your social networking sites. You need to create a seamless users' experience for your users to stay and move further into your sales funnel. And for that, you'll need only two things:
  • A Kickass Theme With Dynamic Frontend and Design.
  • A Badass and the Best WordPress User Profile Plugin to Take Your Social Networking Website Functionalities to Another Level.
About a Kickass Theme- Phlox

Phlox by Averta Themes is exactly what you need to give your website that winning edge. This award-winning best WordPress theme is truly a game-changer. This best WordPress theme has more than 100+ free and pro website WordPress templates to choose from; this theme is beyond compare! This theme is highly responsive, has a short loading time, dynamic graphics, and illustration, and other striking functionalities. The WordPress theme provides an array of templates for social media sites, business websites, eCommerce WordPress websites, creative and corporate WordPress websites, food, blogging, magazines, WordPress websites, beauty, WooCommerce storefront, and more. You name your business type, and Phlox has got a template for you! Phlox has some impeccable features like a Smart one-click demo importer, Elementor compatibility for visual page building, unbeatable fast speed and highly responsive, RTL layout, SEO optimized for better ranking, Professional portfolio features for artists, More than 30 exclusive widgets and elements, 19 demo sites for one-click import, WooCommerce Ready, WPML ready, 100% GDPR compliance, reliable with regular updates, integrated with Visual Composer and SiteOrigin page builders.

This ravishing theme has been built from scratch by brilliant minds and experts to give your networking sites the edge that no other competitor has. You can easily customize every aspect of this theme and make it into a masterpiece. Now that you’re all set with a kickass theme, all you need is a badass WordPress user profile plugin. Once you have created a dynamic website with a responsive theme, you need to take your game a notch up and enhance your website’s functionalities. For that, you need a badass, unique, and striking user profile plugin i.e. ProfileGrid. The best part is that powered by ProfileGrid, Phlox becomes more powerful and efficient. Your worrying days are over; get started with Phlox integrated with ProfileGrid, and witness your networking sites gain traffic instantly!

About a Badass Plugin- ProfileGrid

ProfileGrid is a perfect match to Phlox and is a must-have integration to add one of a kind and unique functionalities to your website. This WordPress profile plugin is one of the leading WP profile builder plugins. Known for its easy to manage and easy to use functionalities, ProfileGrid is created by some of the leading experts and developers. Loaded with exquisite features like WordPress User Profiles, Groups, Communities, Memberships, Content Restriction, Messaging, WooCommerce Integration, Demo Content, User Profile Avatar Hero Banner, Stripe integration, MailChimp integration, and the list goes on. It is a complete package of all functionalities that you can ever need. Let’s explore more about the features of ProfileGrid.


Enhanced Features of Phlox Powered with ProfileGrid

  • The WordPress networking plugin comes with all crucial integrations for a highly functional
    1. website. That includes:
    2. WooCommerce Integration
    3. WooCommerce Extensions Integration
    4. WooCommerce Wishlist Integration
    5. WooCommerce Product Integration
    6. WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration
    7. bbPress Integration
    8. MailChimp Integration
    9. Instagram photos Integration
  • Create Users Profile and allow your users to have their users account
  • Restrict content on your WordPress website without any hassle
  • Create a different set of profile fields specific to each Group
  • Admin can set different membership price for each Group
  • Set Group Badge for each Group which will show on User Profiles prominently
  • Limit members in each Group
  • Allow users to post Blogs and Wall Posts visible only to their Group members
  • Allow each Group to inherit user privileges from different WordPress User Roles
  • Set custom message when a user tries to sign up for a Group
  • Great messaging option for users to communicate with each other
  • Set up a membership price for Groups or disable this functionality
  • Set a post-registration redirection
  • Set and choose Email templates for the following events - Registration, User Activation, User Deactivation, Password Change. (Optional)

This WP profile builder plugin allows you to seamlessly build and manage groups, communities, and profiles and allow you to give your users an unforgettable experience. Integrated with Phlox, the frontend of the social networking website becomes more feature-rich and dynamic. Can’t wait to get started? Dig in and know-how to install and get started with ProfileGrid.

In a Nutshell

Once you empower your website with a striking theme and a feature-rich plugin like Phlox and ProfileGrid, there is no looking back. Don’t just be a part of the rat-race. Stand aside and let your website gain the traffic and revenue it deserves. Stay ahead of the game and enhance the functionalities of your website now!


Beautiful Design and
Comfortable User Interface

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