ART is a simple and clean premium Responsive WordPress theme designed for creativity.

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If simplistic, user-friendly, and responsive defines your perfect website, then ART WordPress portfolio theme is designed for you.


The ART theme is a creative portfolio theme that allows users to create responsive websites fuelled by powerful features, such as amazing fonts and multiple layouts. Due to the unique and valuable features of the ART WordPress portfolio theme, it offers a perfect design to any business owner, freelancer, or professional. Whether you need to design a photography portfolio, create a gallery, or start a blog, you can use the ART minimalist WordPress portfolio theme for quality results.


Features of Art Sea Theme Integrated with ProfileGrid

The ART WordPress portfolio theme by Sea Theme is packed with a series of features. Check how you can utilize these features for your website:
  • If you are one of those business owners who want to have a perfect, self-designed website, then this is the best WordPress portfolio theme for you. It is fully customizable and you can design your website in a way like.
  • There are 19 options for the header layout of your website. You can set a few of these to find out which one is looking best according to the other features of your website.
  • ART WordPress portfolio theme has just so many font options. There are more than 2000 font styles on the Google and Adobe library. You can also upload a new font to the website. It is even possible to utilize self-hosted fonts with the ART sea theme.
  • The creative portfolio theme has a live builder. You can drag-and-drop elements to design a page of your choice.
  • Since the ART WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce, you can create an e-commerce store in a breeze. The website has a unique design, which complements various industry types. Further, if install ProfileGrid plugin, that is also compatible with WooCommerce, so you can use both together.
  • The theme offers you more than 30 pre-designed layouts for your WordPress portfolio theme website.
  • The layout of the personal portfolio WordPress theme is also fully responsive. Your users can access your website on any device they like, such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Similarly, ProfileGrid is also responsive. Therefore, using the ART theme and ProfileGrid plugin together won’t hamper the responsiveness of your website in any manner.
  • This minimal WordPress portfolio theme is ready for GDPR regulations. There are options for cookie consent, comment, and contact compatibility.
  • The ART WordPress portfolio theme is optimized for SEO. This means that search engines would be able to find and display your website easily.
  • It is compatible with plugins, such as ProfileGrid, Loco Translate, Polylang, etc. This means that you can increase the functionality of your website anytime you like.
  • When you enable ProfileGrid plugin on your website, you are able to make groups, create forums, and communities. You can allow users to interact with other group members through Group Walls, Groups Photos, etc.
Integrating WordPress Portfolio Theme With ProfileGrid

Although the ART Sea Theme is an optimum choice when you are finding a WordPress portfolio theme, plugins can help you improve functionalities. This is to say that you can further extend the features of your WordPress creative portfolio theme by installing plugins like ProfileGrid.

ProfileGrid is a WordPress community plugin designed to help you create groups, manage communities, and improve user interaction. Let’s explore some of the outstanding features of the ProfileGid WordPress forum plugin.

Groups and Groups

ProfileGrid WordPress subscription plugin introduces the power to create and manage user groups on your website. You can define different types of profiles on your WordPress website, bifurcate your directories based on the type of subscriptions, and allow users to interact freely.

The admins can even define the security settings and other controls of the groups created using the WordPress profile plugin.

It is also possible to allow paid sign-ups to groups to monetize the content and interaction happening in a particular group or forum or community.

Attractive Front End

The ProfileGrid WordPress profile plugin is designed on strong HTML and CSS, which reflects well in its design. Every group or user profile that you create with the help of the ProfileGrid plugin is beautifully designed. In fact, there are multiple neutral elements on the website that help you match your plugin layout with the website’s layout easily.

Valuable Widgets

The benefits of the website don’t end at its beautiful design and layout. You also get widgets to connect with your users and keep them engaged. For instance, Hero Banner to show the images of your users in one banner on the website. There’s another widget to display online users.

These widgets help you engage your group members and improve the look-and-feel of your website.

Responsive Design

The ProfileGrid WordPress membership plugin not only makes your website and groups compatible for every screen size but also makes your plugin’s layout compatible with your website. This is to say that the ProfileGrid WordPress profile plugin easily balances the layout of your website and groups.

Premium Features

Apart from the discussed options, you get premium extensions of the ProfileGrid WordPress forum plugin. These extensions help you implement features in a few steps only. For example, Group Wall, Geolocation, Menu Restrictions, User Profile Status, MailChimp Integration, etc.

If you want to install the ProfileGrid plugin on your ART WordPress portfolio theme, then follow the steps given in this guide.


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