At Metagauss, we recently formed a division to build products for end users – which essentially means products for everyone. While it is an exciting new direction for us, it has always been part of our broader vision, something we have been working on diligently. Although we will share details of our project on this page in due course of time, we can assure you that we are immensely charged up on this new journey. With the project kick-off bootstrapping on a successful run with current set of products, we have reached second milestone on our roadmap. Moving forward, our fundamental objective is delivering a system for fortifying internal equilibrium of human body and mind.

With empowerment from ongoing innovation in fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are seeing endeavors to rephrase societal values and our ecological heritage. At Metagauss, we believe in building a counterpart to this mechanism – a bulwark to preserve natural evolution and sanctity of our universal core. We are counting on convergence of latest technologies with innate human desire to rewire inner synergies, raising profound dormant possibilities for all of us. We dream of a productive future where inevitable drastic advancements in the world around us is matched (or indeed surpassed!) by a deeper harmony within ourselves.

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